Cheeky trip to Dublin

This past weekend we had a little weekend away in Dublin. With Sharyn having lived there for a year I knew it was a place I needed to visit before I left the UK. Bonus was that Charlie hadn’t been either and decided that for my Christmas present he would pay for my flight and accommodation – thanks Charlie!

We decided to try something new and stay in a private lockable room in someone’s apartment which we booked through Airbnb and it worked out so well! Simon was a great host and had a beautiful apartment right in the centre of Dublin. It was a much better option for us financially and we hardly ever ran into him at the apartment anyway.

On Friday we arrived, found our accommodation, dropped our bags there and went straight out. We walked in the opposite direction to the famous tourist trap that is the Temple Bar refusing to start our night there and found a really nice little place called Peter’s Pub where Charlie had his first of many pints of Guinness. After that we found a place called Sheehans which I had read great reviews for on tripadvisor. Luckily we got a table straight away. Charlie ordered the lamb shank and I went for the steak and Guinness pie which was lovely!

We walked down Grafton Street and headed towards the River Liffey where we popped into another pub called Fitzgerald’s. A few drinks into our evening we surrendered ourselves to the Temple Bar area where a strip of Irish pubs pumped out music and what seemed like half the English population spilling out of the pubs and onto the street. We tried to avoid most of the pubs but then we found the famous Temple Bar pub and decided we should go in there for one drink – it would be rude not to after all. 3-4 hours later we found ourselves leaving the Temple Bar and I found myself a bit drunker than planned and somehow a lot drunker than Charlie. We decided to get a snack before we headed home which resulted in an American diner and lots of chicken wings.

Saturday we got up early – heads not very sore (thank goodness) and headed out in the sunshine to explore daytime Dublin. We headed for Dublin Castle which was conveniently across the road from where we were staying and decided to do the self-guided tour. It was really nice inside and had an exhibition about the 1916 Easter uprising which was quite interesting to read about.

We then walked to the Guinness Storehouse which was a further walk than we thought. We got a photo outside and decided to move on. We then got on the hop on hop off bus and went around the city on it. It was a great way to see the city and even though it wasn’t raining I was a little cold walking around so the bus was a warmer alternative. We drove past the prettiest building painted building called Abbey Court which was painted from floor to ceiling in flowers and pretty insects.


Saturday evening we went out for dinner at a place called Brasserie 7 which we had a groupon deal for. The deal gave us 2 courses and a glass of wine each and the food was lovely. We had Galway mussels and a salmon salad to start and then Charlie had the steak and I had a chorizo tortellini pasta. After dinner we went to a place called the Cobblestone which was really cool. Locals take their instruments there and have a little jam with each other in one corner. Here was the first place we went that felt like we were with locals. As the pub got busier the music sadly got drowned out so we decided to head back towards the river. We had a taste for music after this and knew the Porterhouse Pub had live music on. The pub was really cool it was 3 stories which all were open in the middle with a ledge in that fit a band on it. The band they had on that night was really fun so we stayed there for a few drinks and watched them.

I wasn’t feeling too great from the rich pasta I had at dinner and we were contemplating going home so we agreed one last drink in the Temple Bar before we call it a night, it was only 10pm after all and it was our last night in Dublin. Flash forward to 2.30am, we find ourselves falling out of the Temple Bar – it had got us again only this time Charlie was the victim and I had luckily come out in a better state than the previous night.


Sunday we had a little sleep in and we were both feeling a little worse for wear so we got some large ice lattes and sat along the River Liffey in the sunshine and shared Charlie’s burrito he didn’t eat from the night before, also feeding the pigeons. The weather was so nice we sat there for an hour then made our way through the city centre to get the bus to the airport.


River Liffey

Dublin was definitely a fun little weekend for us and we met some really cool people while we were there. For such a little place we couldn’t believe the amount of tourists and that everyone actually does mainly just drink Guinness there.



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