A Flight, a ferry and a Full Moon Party

Wednesday we had a busy day on a tight schedule. We had a flight at 2pm to Surat Thani where we had 40 minutes once landed to collect our tickets for the last bus and ferry connection for the day. Being a tight and risky time frame already made us nervous but then to make it all a bit more tense, our plane landed 20 minutes late! This resulted in having to abandon Charlie to collect our bags while I ran out to the ticket office. We made the bus with 5 minutes to spare.

Koh Phangan is beautiful! It’s the 5th biggest island in Thailand but it isn’t as big as that sounds. We spent our first day checking out the area, eating very cheap food and drinking beers on our the balcony of our beach bungalow.

imageThe full moon party was a pretty fun night! Charlie had a friend from school (Matt) staying on Koh Samui and was coming over for the night with his girlfriend Amy for the party. Charlie and I were really excited to have a group rather than just the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, we love each other and spending time together, but we felt that a group would be better for something like the full moon party so it was pretty great that they were here.

We met them for dinner before heading down the the party around midnight. It was such a nicer experience than the NYE one I did a few years ago as was it was much less crowded so there was room to move around and even space to sit on the beach. People were passed out already when we got there and they even have a dedicated sleeping area for people who need a nap where you can go and people watch over you to make sure no one steals off you.

image.jpeg4am and a couple of buckets and beers later Charlie and I called it a night as the drinks were quite expensive and we felt like we’d had enough. We had quite a fast driver on the way home which didn’t make me feel great so it was straight to bed for me.


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