Reunion No.1

It’s no surprise I woke up the earliest I have this trip so far on this day. My sister, her husband and the kids were arriving after not seeing each other in over 3 years.

We walked up to the ferry to meet them and of course the ferry was late getting in. I was not so patiently waiting for the boat to arrive but after two visits to the information desk and about 30 minutes later the boat arrived.

imageA few tears and a very long hug later we were all together! It was so surreal to be reunited with them in Thailand as I had always pictured it happening in Australia. We went straight to their amazing accommodation (which was much nicer than our little beach bungalow) and it had the most stunning beach right outside. Charlie even said it was probably the most beautiful beach he has ever seen.

We went to the pool bar and had some lunch whilst the kids played in the pool and just caught up on everything and anything. We spent the evening there getting to know the kids more than Skype had allowed which was great! Bryce is so grown up but very much the sweet little boy I remembered (just not so little anymore) and Abbie is hilarious. She’s such a character and quite the chatterbox!

We ended up staying there the night using the sun loungers as a mattress so we could wake up with everyone in absolute paradise! We had a quick swim at the beach and then played in the pool before we left to return to our little home here.

Monday morning we woke up and did some much needed clothes washing in the shower. It isn’t as easy as you think.

image.jpegWe then headed off to see Sharyn, Marshall and the kids again for a fun day of kayaking! The views were spectacular.


We kayaked to another beach near them and whilst having a quick swim four men ran over to our kayaks and started paddling away with them, naturally we panicked as we thought they were stealing them but we soon realised that there were about 4 children sinking quite far out on a paddle board none of which were wearing life jackets. It was quite nerve wracking. Luckily they were all ok.

We headed off later that night for one last dinner at our favourite reaturaunt which was called Mae Porn. It is a reggae style place with a really cool vibe. The owner called Gang who was so nice and it was all his mums recipes that he cooked. My favourite was the Penang and Charlie’s was a pork, chilli and basil stir fry.

We stayed talking to a guy (whose name we never got – silly sausages) who came here 5 months ago on holiday and then just stayed here volunteering at the resturaunt for free food and accommodation who had some great stories and tips for us.

Tomorrow we leave for Koh Tao where the second reunion takes place when we get to see Aaron, Kira, Archer and Atticus. Safe to say excitement is pretty high again tonight.


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