Taking the plunge

Day 1 of Charlie’s open water diving course: We woke up, had some lunch then I said goodbye as Charlie headed to the pool for his confined water skills. I then headed off to visit Aaron, Kira and the kids just to hang out and catch up some more. Charlie did really well on his pool dive and we all headed out for dinner and drinks later that evening.

Diving day 2: Charlie was off on his first boat dive where he would get 2 dives in the ocean. He went to 12 meters and loved it! He dived at mango bay and white rock. While he was our I went to Sharyn’s place and enjoyed a nice day with the kids. Charlie and I met up with Matt and Amy again as they had come here after Koh Phangan too and it was likely we wouldn’t have the chance to catch up again after tonight as they were leaving for China on Sunday.

Day 3: Charlie had 2 more dives left to be a qualified open water scuba diver! The best part was that I got to come on the boat and dive too! We didn’t dive in the same groups as Charlie still had some skills to finish and I was diving in an advanced group and got to go on deeper dives. We went to Chumphon and Hat Pee Wee which for the deeper divers had a wreck to explore. The dives were great and the water is so warm here with great visibility (around 30 metres).


DCIM100GOPROGOPR0362.We celebrated Charlie finishing his course with some street food and beers on the beach.



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