Viewpoint Voyage

Today we thought it would be nice to walk up to one of the viewpoints on Koh Tao. We had heard there was a few around so I got my trusty app out and found one just over 3kms away.

Being the silly couple we are we decided to set off just before midday when the sun was at its hottest (why?!).

image.jpegThe first 2kms weren’t too bad and we were discussing how much we were enjoying our walk and that it wasn’t as bad as we thought… Well an hour later and a very steep incline for the last kilometre we were suffering. The sun was beating down on us and I thought we were never going to get there. Arriving at the viewpoint was interesting to say the least. It wasn’t an actual viewpoint. Instead it was the islands main power station which if you shuffled around the ledge and wired fence (almost like James Bond but way more clumsy) it had a beautiful view.

imageI thought it would be a great idea to suggest walking down the hill to the complete south of the island and then walking around the coast as it would surely have a cool ocean breeze and be easier than our journey there… WRONG! There were no proper roads once we got to the bottom which resulted in a guessing game of thin narrow dirt paths that were usually uneven and quite taxing on the body. We were absolutely drenched in sweat from waking up and down these hilly paths all the way back to the area we were staying in. Although it took us a total of 3 hours from when we left before we managed to get back to the main part of Koh Tao we had seen some beautiful parts of the island that we otherwise wouldn’t have seen!

We finished our last night here having dinner with everyone at A.C. Two again so Kira could have her favourite massaman curry one last time. Oh and the sunset view from this restaurant was particularly special.

image.jpegOff to Koh Samui tomorrow when the rest of the family start arriving for Jaimee and Lolly’s wedding!


4 thoughts on “Viewpoint Voyage

  1. Was supposed to write island not islands. But if you are island hopping in Thailand then Koh Tao is definitely one not to miss. Are you thinking of going soon? We stayed in the main part near sairee beach as there is loads of cheap food and drink places and then walked everywhere we wanted to explore but you can also get long tail boats or taxis to other parts that aren’t as accessible by foot. You won’t want to leave!

    Thanks so much, glad your enjoying our travels!


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