Reunion no.3

Ive got all my siblings here now!

imageToday was we said goodbye to Koh Tao (only for a little while) to head to Koh Samui for more reunions and the big wedding on Saturday!

We got off the ferry and 11 of us squeezed ourself into a 5 person car. Parents sat in the car with a kid each on their lap and Charlie, Steve (kira’s dad) and I rode in the tray on the back with all the luggage. It was definitely illegal in most countries but these are the things that you do in Thailand and just can’t help but laugh about.

We arrived at the Ibis and Charlie and I felt like we were in heaven as this is much nicer than what we’ve been staying usually and we have aircon again (can I get a hell yeah?)

A quick shower and we were straight out again to see Jaimee and Lolly. It was so nice to see them and finally have all us siblings together again. The last time all 4 of us were on holiday together had to have been at least 20 years ago and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful location!

image.jpegWe drank cocktails and beers all afternoon and checked out a place called Coco Tams which is a really cool beach bar that has beanbags on the beach and swings at the bar.



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