Koh Samui take 2

I was so excited to get to Koh Samui as Sarah had arrived and I was finally going to see her after 2 long years. We got off the ferry and went for lunch with mum and Chris before heading to the villa Sarah had kindly booked us into!

It was so great to see Sarah and meet Andrew! We had a nice night catching up over drinks and dinner then headed back to the villa. Roll on 4am and I was not well. A naughty bacteria had gotten in my tummy resulting in a 48-72 hour hibernation in the villa as close to a toilet as I could be. Cold shivers with a high temperature and endless trips to the toilet I was starting to wonder how Satan had escaped from hell and into my belly. Big props to Charlie who stayed in and looked after me the whole time. The amount of food, drink and medication runs he did for me was amazing.

I did manage one of the days to block myself up so Charlie and I could get to Bophut to see mum and Chris as they were leaving to return back home. We were glad we could at least see them off! We also attempted to go out for a few dinners the next two nights with Sarah and Andrew but they both resulted in a quick dash back to the comfort of the villa.

4 days later and finally recovered which was pretty lucky as Charlie and I had a 8 hour boat and bus journey booked to get us to Phuket!

Not the most exciting entry and as you can all appreciate there’s no photos for this post either… You’re welcome!


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