Phuket – ping pong & pool hang outs

Arriving to Phuket felt good. I was finally feeling myself again and so Sarah, Andrew, Charlie and I headed out for some drinks.

imageWe went to Bangla road and started bar hoping before heading into one of the famous ping pong shows. When in Thailand hey! We called it a night around 1am as I was still wanting to take it easy only having just recovered.

imageThe next day we spent lounging by the pool as more and more friends started to arrive! Another night down Bangla road was in order.

imageWe had a pretty chilled out time in Phuket as we really didn’t find it had as much to do that was safe or ethical to animals. Luckily we had some really great weather and a pool so we spent a lot of our days around there, cause there was so many of us we pretty much had the pool to ourselves every time. A few meals at Loma night market and a few sand storms along the seafront made for some interesting times, especially when the locals started saying tornado and putting us all under cover. There wasn’t actually any tornado it was just a wind storm. Oh and when we were on Bangla road the whole power turned off three times which was really crazy as it’s pretty much all just big billboard lights everywhere so it went completely pitch black!

We said goodbye to Sarah and Andrew there while the rest of us got ready to go to Phi Phi island for a few nights.


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