Phi Phi island

It was nice to be somewhere a bit quieter (and visually appealing) than Phuket so we were pretty happy to step off the ferry onto Phi Phi. Oh and it’s Charlie’s favourite island!imageJoe and Sophie took us to there favourite place to eat called papaya which had a great massaman curry, probably one of the best I’ve had (equal best with a place called Krau in Bophut, Koh Samui). It also did a great tom yum soup!imageWe visited sunflower bar a few times which is a nice bar for sunset. Inside it has old long tail boats made into tables and booths each named after someone who died in the tsunami with photos. It’s sad to go around looking at them but it is a nice tribute as the sun sets on this side of the beach and the bar is really nice.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0532.We went kayaking one day to monkey beach which was really fun for 15 minutes until the weather turned and the tide started coming in pretty quickly with massive waves starting to crash on the beach. Getting back into the kayak didn’t go well as a massive wave crashed over me and dunked me and the kayak. A little scary but as it happened I just covered my head with my arms so the kayak rolled over me and didn’t hit my face. We finally got on our way and managed to get back. Tom and Jo and Sophie and Joe both had their kayaks capsized. We all returned the kayaks and went out for a drink while the weather blew over. Playing heads up and trivial pursuit.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0529.Another day (after a night out I may add – why?) we hiked up to the viewpoint. The view was amazing and the weather was great. Whilst up there I needed a ‘Thailand poo’ as we like to call them and there was only a squat toilet. How fun! At least I know what to expect in India now!imageOh and here Charlie and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We went to a place that was recommended to is called Anna’s which had really great food and we treated ourselves to some red wine. After a nice dinner together we met up with the others for a night out. Charlie decided to make friends with the Thai man that collects the 10thb fee for the toilet and spent at least an hour chatting to him. I’m almost certain the mans very limited English meant that 95% of the time he had no idea what Charlie was saying but Charlie didn’t seem to bothered and was under the impression they were having a great chat!imageIt’s been great here although the past few days the weather has started to turn and there’s been a fair bit of rain the past 24 hours. We are off to Ao Nang for our next adventure and the arrival of Caroline and Matt.


5 thoughts on “Phi Phi island

  1. I can’t wait to go to koh phi phi on october 31 – november 4, 2016. Is it really good? By the way my pocket money is 600 US dollars excluding the hotel because I booked early, would that be enough for a 5 days 4 nights stay in the island?


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