Ao Nang

23 September – 28 September

I had visited Ao Nang 9 years ago on my first visit to Thailand and really enjoyed it so I was excited to head back and see what it was like now. It’s definitely changed a lot and is a lot more built up these days but it still is a great place. Charlie and I both felt it was very different to our last few locations which was nice to feel such a difference when it was only a 2 hour ferry away.imageWe had a couple of days out here – one to Wat Tham Sau (Tiger Cave Temple) and the second to Tonsai/Railay beach but I have so much to write about them and pictures to show that I am going to do separate posts for each of them.¬†Other than these days out we have spent the rest of our days here chilling on the beach and going for some walks around the town.

We headed into the Krabi walking street market one night which was great fun. There were so many food stalls and little shops to explore.image Charlie ate a variety of meat on sticks and even had a stick with chicken liver on it which he enjoyed. I bought some Thai veggie cake cubes (no idea what they are called) which were tasty; they were like a spinach/garlic/root vegetable type thing. I also had a noodle soup called Khao Soi which is a new favourite dish of mine. I think it’s more of a northern dish but I will certainly remember it for when we head to northern Thailand in February. While you were eating there was a Thai singer playing classic rock and blues which was really fun. After a bit of food as shopping we called it a night.


Khao Soi noodle soup

It’s been really great to come back here and it’s a great base for loads of different places and activities. It’s easy enough to get everywhere and there are tours and transfers to so many different places and islands nearby. I’d definitely recommend it to others especially people who maybe found Phuket too busy.image


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