Tonsai & Railay Beach

26 September.

After a 6.30am wake up we headed down to the beachfront to book a long tail boat to Tonsai. The company took us to a dodgy little dockyard with stagnant looking water and after a 10 minute wait there our long tail boat arrived. The boat broke down on the way and whilst we waited for the engine to cool we joked about the boat breaking and being stranded… Well after successfully starting the engine again we only got a couple more minutes before the engine wires caught on fire. All of a sudden our jokes weren’t that funny anymore. Luckily another long tail boat was passing by and came to help by jump starting us.

Arriving on Tonsai was great, not only did the boat make it all the way meaning my back up plan of swimming there was no longer required but it was absolutely beautiful! It’s a real spot of paradise and all the bars and restaurants are made of wood and bamboo which really gives it great character and a real hippie vibe.imageAfter having breakfast and the best iced coffee I’ve had since leaving Melbourne (who would have thought) we climbed through the jungle path to Railay beach. It started to rain so we walked to Tham Phranangnai Cave which was really cool and full of bats. The sun came back out so we were straight down the beach for a swim. We jumped waves and took some funny photos before heading back to Tonsai. Joe and Sophie had been to a place when they were last here called Mumma’s Chicken and apparently she made a mean chicken burger and chips so obviously we had to try it. It was delicious!imageimageThe boat ride home was choppy but much more successful than the ride over with not one breakdown – hooray! We were pretty tired from a not so great sleep the night before and early start, so we got take away pad Thai and fried rice and ate it in bed. Overall a pretty eventful but brilliant day!


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