Wat Tham Sau – Tiger Cave Temple

24 September.

We headed to Wat Tham Sau which is also known as Tiger Cave Temple. I had remembered this from a previous trip and was excited to do it again. It is home to a lot of monks but more so home to heaps of monkeys playing, waking around and being fed. Most people go there for the big hill of steps leading into the mountain. 1,237 steps in the humidity will take you to the peak of the mountain where a large gold statue of a Buddha sits along with a pretty spectacular view.imageThere are a few things to note about these steps. Firstly, the steps start off normal size so you think “sure, this will be challenging but I’m feeling pretty good so far”.. WRONG! Oh so so so wrong! As soon as you reach the steps hidden in the mountain that are twice as steep and double the size. I mean what kind of sneaky act is that! So now I have to say I walked 1,237 steps when really had they been normal size ones I could have bragged about conquering 2,474 steps. Way to dull down our efforts!image.jpegYou get some pretty amazing views from the stairs as you climb up which is great for taking breaks not only to admire the view but to let your heart return to a normal beat. This leads me to my second point. So imagine you are pushing along taking breaks as needed and you think wow this view is amazing, I’m so high up, I’m doing really well and then at the top of the next staircase you read step 467… bugger. I don’t know about you but I would rather not know and keep pushing on thinking I was further than I was, as if the misleading easy steps at the start weren’t enough they then like to remind you that your not even half way yet – how bloody fabulous! The numbers keep popping up and then finally they become motivating after you reach 1,000. Remember when I said I was excited to revisit this place?DCIM100GOPROGOPR0577.In all seriousness though it actually isn’t too bad and by taking your time and soldiering the rewards at the top are well worth it and absolutely breathtaking! The fresh air and views make it hard to leave, almost as hard as remembering you have 1,237 steps down again. We stayed up there for ages taking loads of photos and taking in the sights.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0552.Once we got back we headed out for some well deserved beers!


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