Khao Lak

We decided to head to Khao Lak for a few days as we still had a while in Thailand and didn’t want to spend the rest of it only in Krabi.

We booked a minibus transfer to take us there. Everyone else on our bus were heading to Phuket so the lady at the tour desk told us we would have to change to another bus but she would pay for it. So after a few hours into our journey the driver pulled over at a bus stop on the side of the road and gave us 100THB each. We had no idea when the next bus was coming but soon realised it was a local bus but there was no schedule to be seen. Luckily after a half an hour wait our bus arrived and it was a rather easy journeyimg_0402Arriving to Khao Lak was great. It felt a little off the beaten track and really chilled. Plus we had a great view from our room.img_0362We ate at a few nice places too. One of the places called Go Pong was super cheap and really tasty. Wild Orchid Cafe was another one to mention which had the most amazing tofu tom yum noodle soup!img_0340The days were hard to fill here due to the weather. The monsoon season has officially begun and Khao Lak was very unpredictable.

We spent the days exploring the main strip and watching the sunsets when the weather allowed.img_0361img_0434One of the interesting things about Khao Lak was that it had been severely affected by the tsunami but really hadn’t been as publicised as its more popular touristy neighbours (Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi Island). The town is very flat so it was easy to imagine how much devastation there was. It’s sad to think that all the locals there had to rebuild everything and almost everyone who remains is a survivor that lost someone in the tsunami. There is a police boat that was anchored a mile offshore when the waves hit that was carried over a kilometre inland. The boat has been left exactly where it landed to show the strength and power the waves had. Near the boat there were boards with graphic photos from the tsunami which were absolutely heartbreaking. Some of the photos showed birds eye views of Khao Lak before and after which really made you realise how far inland they reached.img_0422Our last day on Khao Lak we tried to battle the rain and walk to the national park nearby. Torrential rain absolutely soaked us but we were determined to get there. We arrived at one of the entrances to the national park and realised that sadly we hadn’t done our research and the waterfall we thought we would have access to was still 14kms away. What we could access from that entrance was a lookout, a restaurant and a beach. For a 200THB each entrance fee we decided that given the weather a beach and a viewpoint would be pretty pointless so we headed to a bar.img_0423We had a couple of nights in with Joe and Sophie as the rain seemed to get the worst at night. Luckily we had a hard drive full of movies so we had a movie and snacks night in our room together.img_0425


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