Killing time in Krabi

Leaving Khao Lak for Krabi meant saying the last of our goodbyes for a while as Joe and Sophie were heading north. The goodbyes certainly don’t get easier and this goodbye was one Charlie knew would be externally difficult. Charlie was pretty hungover so slept most of the way while I made friends with people on the minibus. I think I may have talked a bit too much for one guy who moved after the break to sit next to the driver rather than me.. whoops! Anyways it meant I got to speak to the people behind us who were also from Melbourne and only 20 minutes away!

We checked into our hotel and decided to go get some food and go for an explore. The weather was nice so we headed to a mangrove walk nearby which was really cool and also free!

On our way back we heard lots off popper fireworks going off and realised it was the vegetarian festival. We had seen a glimpse of this in Khao Lak where people dance around on top of these poppers and some people put a small skewer through their cheeks. img_0400In Khao Lak the festival was quite small and not very confronting so we were excited to see the one in Krabi from a distance as it looked bigger. We hurried over to the main road to check it out. img_0392So turns out it’s actually called the nine emperor gods festival and it was definitely taken up a notch in Krabi. The parade started off as we expected except slowly the skewers in people’s cheeks became more frequent and then became more graphic with skewers being replaced by knifes, swords and all sorts.img_0390Guys were walking topless with what looked like blood down their chests but we didn’t think it was real and thought it was all for effect… It wasn’t. These guys started cutting their tongues repetitively with mâchés whilst blood dripped down their chins to their chest. It was really grim and we couldn’t really stomach anymore of it so we left after that.img_0391The next day we headed to Wat Kaew Temple which is a really nice white structured temple in the middle of town. Luckily we managed to do it while the sun was out as straight after we left the downpour came.

Whilst at the night market eating some cheap and tasty food we ran into our Aussie friends, so after dinner we headed to their hostel bar for some drinks.

Our last day in Krabi was very uneventful. Rain made it hard to do much and there wasn’t anything around we hadn’t already done so we had a chilled day catching up on blogging, packing for our flight tomorrow and Charlie trimmed his beard leaving tiny beard hairs everywhere – fabulous!


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