Kuala Lumpur

We arrived into Kuala Lumpur late at night and got the star shuttle bus from the airport as it was only 11 riggits each. Luckily we had decided to stay in Chinatown and the hotel was only a couple of minutes from the bus. We dumped our bags and headed out for a late dinner down Chinatown. We were immediately drawn in by the lanterns and stalls that lined the street.img_0739It didn’t take us long before we realised all the stalls were selling the same crap and that walking around constantly getting bumper into when you aren’t actually interested in buying anything was more infuriating that the walk was worth. Luckily we found a little restaurant and settled for a fried rice and noodles. It was average but for some reason we went there again the next night which was interesting cause their kitchen caught on fire.

We spent our days walking around exploring. It is a huge business hub and a shoppers paradise. Not being on business or able to shop left us a little lost. The only time we stepped foot in the posh shopping malls was for groceries and a pizza. Kuala Lumpur is quite expensive so sticking to our budget meant we had to be selective on how to fill our days. Petronas Towers were very impressive though and they had a water fountain show in the evenings which was really fun.img_0741img_0740After two nights in Chinatown we moved to a posher part of town near the Petronas Towers. Charlie had received an Airbnb discount code which took £50 off so we booked a studio apartment for our last two nights. This meant we could cook, do washing and have a couple of quiet nights before we flew India.

We took a day trip out to Batu Caves which was great. Unfortunately there was a lot of construction going on which we later found out was due to the government paying a lot of money to have it expanded due to the amount of locals and tourists that visit it. It’s the only free thing left to do in Kuala Lumpur. There were so many monkeys at the caves so Charlie had fun photographing them whilst I kept running away scared.

Overall we liked our stay in Kuala Lumpur but I don’t think I would rush back. I much preferred the vibe of both Georgetown and Langkawi and would rather head back to one of them.


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