He says, she says – Malaysia

7 October – 19 October

12 days

Places visited: Penang, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur

Most favourite place:
Charlie: I think me and Lisa both agree that Langkawi is our favourite place we visited, the island is massively laid back and offered loads to do, a personal highlight being the waterfalls! Oh and the cheap booze really was a cherry on top.

Lisa: Langkawi was definitely my favourite but I’m a sucker for a beach! It was beautiful but not only for its beach, its full of nature and really feels like a little spot of paradise. I could have easily spent longer there.

Least favourite place:
Charlie: Kuala Lumpur, the city isn’t unpleasant in any way, it’s super clean and modern but I think this is why I least preferred it. Also finding food here was harder than you’d think. On a side note avoid the KFC!

Lisa: Kuala Lumpur was my least favourite. It’s really not my type of city. It’s quite expensive and built up for either business or shopping which we weren’t there to do either of. It’s nice to walk around and Batu caves was interesting but I wouldn’t rush back there.

Most favourite dish:
Charlie: For me it will be no surprise to some that it’s the fried rice. The village fried rice had anchovies mixed in which added some flavours! Also I managed to get my hands on a Guinness most days which counts, right?

Lisa: I liked the hawker food courts in Georgetown, Penang. I loved the variety and that you could order a little bit from a few different stalls. My favourite was the dumplings stall.

Best experience:
Charlie: The day spent visiting the waterfalls in Langkawi was my favourite, and the first waterfall of our trip!

Lisa: The day we hired a bike in Langkawi and went to one of the nicest waterfalls I’ve ever seen. It was gorgeous and it was so cool watching the locals climb up the rocks of the waterfall with shampoo to wash their hair!

Worst experience:
Charlie: We didn’t have and particularly bad days so this means anything I write isn’t too bad, but I’d say the Time Capsule Hotel. The hotel was fine and clean but the TV didn’t work which essentially means we were sat in a neon clad box scrolling our phones.

Lisa: We were lucky that we really didn’t have anything bad happen to us.

Something you will miss:
Charlie: At least for the next few months I’ll miss the Guinness but that doesn’t really count. I think I’ll miss the sunsets on Langkawi as well as the hawker markets for their ease and variety.

Lisa: I will miss the hawker food courts, they are really fun and there’s always something you fancy or something new to try.

Something you won’t miss:
Charlie: I won’t miss the hassle of finding our next meal but I’m sure that’s going to happen again over the coming months!

Lisa: The cost of the food. Other than when we were in Penang, I didn’t find that eating cheap was often that nice or easy to find.


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