When having friends in places can make everything better

Leaving Varanasi was a bit of a nightmare. The traffic was awful and we were running late for our flight. We arrived at the airport and had to go through 3 different security systems each one taking way too long. I was in the longest line at the last security check and we only had 15 minutes till our flight was boarding, the lady I approached at security didn’t seem to care about the fact that I would miss my flight if I couldn’t get through faster but luckily a lady at the front of the line overheard me and let me jump the que.¬†Finally making our flight we landed in Delhi around 4pm.

We’d decided to treat ourselves to a nice room for the night which we booked online as it was 65% off. Our nightmare continued when the taxi rank at Delhi said that our booking confirmation had two different addresses and we would have to find out which one was the right one. We had to then find a hotel booking stall that would help us. Finally getting the right address – the taxi rank still didn’t know the hotel, only the area, so we had to rely on our offline map. This sent us to a dark residential address where our taxi driver dropped us so we had no choice than try and locate the hotel ourselves on foot. We found another hotel who said a local tuk tuk would know the way. After an overpriced tuk tuk we arrived at the hotel which looked very run down. We checked into our room and on first inspection it looked nothing like the pictures online but thought for 1 night it would be ok. After sitting down and looking at the room further we started noticing the dust, dirt and bugs everywhere including on the bed. We obviously decided we couldn’t stay there and whilst looking at new hotels online I received a message from Bhavani who was checking to see how we were and after hearing about the hotel told us to go and stay with them. We jumped straight in an uber and headed to their place.

Arriving there was such a relief. We felt so luckily to have them here to help us out, save the day and for their hospitality. Despite both Bhavani and Ravi having hectic weeks at work we were able to have a take away and catch up with them for a couple hours which was lovely. A great end to a bit of a stressful day.IMG_0874.JPG


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