The pink city of Jaipur

We took a night sleeper train from Agra to Jaipur which was an interesting experience. We were in 3A which is 3 bunks on each side of the berth which can be quite comfortable but comes with some disadvantages depending on our bunk allocation. Charlie and I had bunks in different berths on opposite sides of the coach which was annoying to begin with but it’s all we could get as the train was almost fully booked. Charlie had a lower bunk which isn’t ideal because until your fellow bunk buddies want to go to sleep they sit on your bunk whilst chatting, eating or reading. With no where to sit Charlie came to my berth which only had two people in it. I was allocated a top bunk which is fine but you can’t sit on it you can only lay down.IMG_0862.JPGCharlie hoped on the bunk across from me as it was empty but when the rest of the people booked in this berth arrived we both had to squeeze on my bunk. I managed to sleep but Charlie was hunched over on the end, very uncomfortable and was there for the 4 hours we had left.

Our first day in Jaipur was uneventful. Tired from the past few days of early starts and travelling we both woke up feeling rough so we had a chilled out day at our hotel resting. Charlie’s been recovering from a bad cold and we haven’t had a chance to stop yet so he napped and rested which luckily did the trick, by evening he was much better.

The next day we booked a tuk tuk for the day to take us around to all the sights. We started at the Royal Gator where all of the tombs are made of beautiful Italian marble.img_0881Our next stop was Amber Fort which was the most impressive Fort we’ve seen yet and the views on the drive up to it were pretty spectacular. The entry fee has gone up a lot and is the classic foreign prices annoyed us so we explored the free area before moving on.img_0883Next we went to the mogul city to see the Jal Malah Palace which is set in the middle of a lake.img_0885Next we headed to the famous pink city to see the Hawa Mahal.img_0886Both Charlie and I expected the pick city to be a lot different than it was. We expected the small roads of Varanasi with pink architecture everywhere. Whilst the city was pink it was definitely still very built up and busy with a lot of chaos.

We headed to monkey temple which was very peaceful and quiet on arrival. We walked up the mountain path then down into some hills to the temple.img_0889On arrival we were met by brothers who took us into the temple and blessed us for good luck (for a donation of course). We got a string bracelet and a bindi painted on our head. It was a nice experience but we told him we were only paying 100 rupees after him showing us previous donations of 1000 and 500 (which we didn’t believe). img_0888Entering the temple there were monkeys everywhere. I’m not the most comfortable around monkeys so it was no surprise that after walking in and having one jump on me I was straight back out. Charlie enjoyed walking around and taking some photos while I stood outside.img_0884

Our final stop with our new friend was of course a textile shop. The owners were really nice and so was the stuff inside but everyone wanted Charlie to get fitted for a suit. We walked away with a nice scarf for around £1 so they got a sale and we didn’t spend that much. Oh and on our way home we found these little cuties…img_0887

Our last evening we headed to Peacock’s rooftop restaurant for dinner. The food was really good and the views were lovely. As Diwali starts tomorrow there were lots of fireworks to watch from the roof.

Tomorrow we have a chilled day at the hotel before getting another evening train to the blue city of Jodhpur.


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