The blue city of Jodhpur

We left Jaipur at 5pm on the day of Diwali which worked out quite well for us as we had almost the whole train carriage to ourselves! We arrived into Jodhpur junction and whilst walking out of the station to a tuk tuk we walked past about 100 homeless people sleeping on the ground.

Once in our tuk tuk and on our way to our homestay we noticed that Diwali was in full swing! For anyone who doesn’t know Diwali is a 5 day Hindu festival of light. It’s a massive celebration of fairy light covered buildings and fireworks! In Jodhpur there were lights on so many buildings and fireworks going off everywhere. Some firecrackers were being set off right by our tuk tuk as we passed through the road and we were being hit with some of the gunpowder. We got to castle view homestay and it was amazing. It was this old beautifully decorated building and our room was the nicest we had stayed in India so farimg_1018 It had a great rooftop which had views of the blue city and the Fort so we went up there for a beer to watch the fireworks which continued all through the night.img_1078The next day we woke up and had breakfast on the roof which gave us our first sight of Jodhpur in the daylight.img_1083After breakfast we headed to the Fort and had an audio guide tour which was not by choice, it was the only option for foreigners to enter and included in the hefty entry price. It was a beautiful Fort, it also was the first Fort we had been inside that still had lots of furniture, swords, jewellery and other interesting things to learn about.img_1080It also gave us beautiful views of the blue city.img_1081img_1082 Oh and we met this man who there’s no denying has the most amazing moustache ever.img_1079Afterwards we headed to the clock tower which usually has a bustling market however due to Diwali there was only a few little stalls open. I still managed to get a scarf for 50 rupees (the equivalent of 60 pence).img_1016Still having energy in us we walked up to Jaswonth Thada which is a temple to the dead rulers of Jodhpur. It was nice to walked around for a little while before we jumped in a tuk tuk to return to our homestay.img_1088We had a pretty chilled out evening on the roof where we were joined by a South African girl called Sara and a polish guy called Greg who we had met on the roof the night before. We sat around chatting to them over dinner and drinks before turning in for an early night. We called Kev and Su and Charlie decided to shave his beard for the first time since the wedding in Thailand. Amusing for us his shaver ran out half way through.

We were leaving Jodhpur on a 4pm bus and I woke up with a super sore throat and feeling just feeling a bit crap. Charlie had come down with a cold early on in India so it was my turn. We just went for a few walks around Jodhpur and chilled out at the homestay till it was time to leave for our bus to Udaipur.


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