Udaipur – the city of lakes

After a 5 hour bus we arrived in Udaipur and straight away noticed the change in temperature. Udaipur has an altitude of around 2100 ft and therefore is much cooler than other parts of Rajasthan especially in the evening. Tuk tuks were trying to overcharge us all around the bus stop where they were telling us that loads of roads were closed due to Diwali. Not knowing if this was true or not we said we’d just walk to which they replied “walking is impossible”. Challenge accepted and half an hour later we had lugged ourselves along with 30kgs of backpacks (combined) to the hostel. Impossible my a**! Lucky cause of the cool temperature the walk wasn’t too painful and I’m sure it was good exercise. Our hostel was right on the river and had beautiful views from the rooftop.img_1087We have a bit of a trend with accommodation ever since our wonderful rooftop in Varanasi, we tend to choose something with a rooftop as it’s a great place to escape and unwind after a busy day out.

We spend our days in Udaipur walking around and exploring the streets. There was also a spectacular temple just down the street from our hostel.img_1085It was nice to walk around and there’s a huge amount of shops here. Charlie bought a super hippie jumper which the man even took in for him. I bought a little leather book to record our finances in. I have one from Thailand already which I’ve been using all trip to track our spending but I will eventually run out of pages so we figured picking one up here would be perfect (it was also very cheap). There’s a huge leather trade here with so many nice bags, books and photo albums but sadly we couldn’t carry them and posting can be pricey. There was also these super cute fun monkeys around. By fun I of course mean fun for Charlie and a little fun for me far away. img_1084Udaipur was also where we discovered crispy chilli potatoes which is a indo Chinese dish that we absolutely love! We had it all 4 days we were here at a couple of different places (all rooftop locations of course).img_1017There were a lot of beautiful spots by the lake to walk around however one day when we were out on a ledge admiring the view a local lady decided she needed a poo. She was about 5 metres away and just like that she hiked up her saree.

We also vistited the old prime ministers house built in 1651.  It was really beautiful to walk around and had nice views from lots of the windows and doorways.img_1086img_1028It did however have some weird museum where there was a whole room of puppets and another room full of heads showing off all different headwear. As much as we understood why the heads were there a whole room of them was a little creepy. Here’s our favourite one…img_1022Udaipur was a nice place to visit but 4 days was a bit too long there. We had already booked our flight to Goa so we couldn’t move on earlier however it was nice to slow down after moving so fast around Rajasthan. It also had some lovely sunsets and views so it wasn’t hard to be stuck in such a picturesque place. We also met some great people at our hostel including some Australians (Tasmanian and Melbournians) and a very funny girl from Scotland.


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