Historic Hampi

Our first overnight bus experience went surprisingly well and we arrived into Hampi at 7am.img_1156The first thing you notice are the big giant boulders that surround the village and the huge main temple.img_1287We couldn’t check in for another hour so the man at our guesthouse told us about the temples elephant that goes down to the river to bath every morning so we went there to take a look. Not only was the elephant bathing but so was about 20 locals, all at the same time.

We needed to exchange some money and try to get our hands on the new currency so we spent most of the day rushing around to the banks in Hosapete. Finally being successful we only had the afternoon left once we got back to Hampi. We did make it back in time for the sunset though which was beautiful!img_1285The views were breathtaking and I decided that Hampi was maybe one of the most scenic places we have been so far on our whole trip. It’s a mix of giant red/orange boulders, green plantations, palm trees and green and yellow crops.img_1286img_1293On our second day in Hampi we hired push bikes and rode around to different ruins, stopping whenever we liked to check out different spots along the way. img_1217Some of the ruins were really cool to check out, however some of them seemed almost too ruined and were slightly disappointing. The history is there but there’s little to no information and most of them are well maintained. It was fun to ride around and check them all out, even if I did need to push the bike up every hill.img_1219I had to cut my ride short as there were no toilets around and I needed to go but Charlie stayed to check out a few more ruins before he returned. His exploring lead him right into a school trip where once discovered the poor history teacher had no chance of controlling his class who all swarmed around Charlie desperate for him to get their picture!img_1290We decided that due to the money situation in Hampi we could only stay two nights. It is a complete cash run village and there’s no ATMs.

On our last day we took a boat across the river to the island which is home to more guest houses and restaurants. We hired a motorbike and rode around the island for a few hours, taking in the scenery and getting pretty lost.img_1269img_1279 The scenery on this side of the river was just as beautiful.img_1292We visited another monkey temple and due to my dislike for monkeys and stairs, I left charlie to explore while I had a little sit down in the shop downstairs. He said the views were good but there was no monkeys.

We headed back across the river and got ready for our overnight sleeper bus back to Goa. This one didn’t go as well as the last with us hardly getting any sleep. The driver drove like a lunatic and we ended up being thrashed around in our beds and dropped off in Goa hours earlier than we should have been. Luckily we found a 24 hour bar on the beach and parked ourselves there for 4 hours until everything opened.

Whilst we found some of the ruins in Hampi a little disappointing, the scenery and landscape more than make up for it!


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