A little break in Agonda

We woke up and headed out for another Cafe Inn breakfast only this time Lauchie and Aubrey joined us. After breakfast we headed off to agonda beach where we would stay for two nights.

The first thing we noticed was how quiet it was compared to Palolem! The beach has hardly any sunbeds, no boats asking you to do tours and there’s generally a lot less people around. There was also some decent size waves!img_1350We dropped our stuff off and went for a swim, I jumped waves while charlie tried to surf them in without a surf board. We stayed at Galaxy’s beach huts which is run by the nicest couple who couldn’t do enough to make our stay enjoyable.img_1349That evening we headed to a place called Simrose for dinner. Due to the money situation we had to find somewhere that would let us pay on card and had heard good things about this place. We splashed out and charlie got the seafood platter while I got a spicy goan curry. We sat there drinking a few beers and made friends with a couple called Steph and Richard who we ended up spending a couple hours with. Steph had come to India on her daughters recommendation and wasn’t really loving it as much as she thought. Bless her.

Simrose was a great restaurant and really did us a massive favour once they learnt how we were struggling to get money out. The manager agreed to run a tab there during our stay in Agonda and would allow us to settle the bill at the end. He didn’t even want to take anything from us as a form of security which was very trusting. It was cleaver for them as we ate there every day but it was also super helpful for us and the setting was lovely so we really didn’t mind.img_1299The next day we had our Simrose breakfast and decided to try and tackle the ATMs. I headed out with a couple of other tourists to an ATM just outside Agonda and left charlie at the one closer in case one of them got topped up. Luckily I arrived at the ATM in time and managed to get money out before it ran out! We headed to the beach for a swim to celebrate! We spent an hour enjoying the waves before going to see if the ATM in Agonda had been topped up yet. It had and sadly as we got to the front of the line the ATM ran out of money.

Dinner at Simrose was nice again except this time Charlie ordered half a tandoori chicken and what came out was more like a tandoori budgie! The chickens are much smaller here and Charlie forgot and thought a full chicken would be too much so sadly he went to bed still a bit hungry.

We woke up on our last morning at Agonda and went straight to the beach for some wave jumping again before having breakfast and settling our tab at Simrose. img_1294We were leaving for Palolem again as it’s cheaper for us to stay there but we really enjoyed the quiet and calmness that Agonda offered. Everyday there were always some cute cows enjoying the sun too.img_1348img_1346Before we left we tried one more time for the ATM – unsuccessful again. A nice man who had hired a driver overheard us talking about not having a lot of cash and so he offered to take us! He got his driver to drop us off at the top end of Palolem for free! Saving us 300 rupees and meaning we didn’t have to spend our cash which was so nice. We then walked for 15 minutes down towards our guesthouse.



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