Keeping up with the traffic in Kandy

The drive back to Kandy was fairly easy as Charlie was really getting the hang of driving the tuk tuk as well as the unspoken rules on the road here.img_1448We stopped along the way for a coconut and 6 of the cutest bananas ever for the low price of £1.img_1456img_1455We headed back to Comfort Homestay as we had such a nice time with the family we wanted to stay here again! After a chat to the family and the usual large but delicious dinner we headed to bed for an early night.

The next day we woke up, got defeated by another breakfast too big for us and headed out to explore the city. We went to the Big Buddha statue which had nice views of the city.img_1457We moved onto the War Cemetery where a lot of commonwealth World War 2 military are buried. It was really well maintained and interesting to see all the different nationalities.img_1460We decided to visit the botanical gardens as we had heard it was really beautiful there. We paid 1,500 rupees each (approx £9) and whilst it was nice to walk around but we did feel the price was a bit steep still.img_1463We also were lucky enough to see heaps of large bats flying to a new tree while we were there and Charlie managed to get some great photos of them!img_1461We also visited the coffee shop onsite as we saw it had a proper coffee machine and real coffee beans (a luxury here) and paid an extortionate amount for an iced coffee.

We then headed to the centre point of town to walk around the lake. We wanted to see the queens bath but it was covered in scaffolding. We also walked past the temple of the tooth (another attraction here where Buddhas tooth is kept) but we had heard mixed reviews and that you don’t actually get to really see the tooth so we didn’t want to pay to go in.

Hungry after our big day out we enjoyed another home cooked meal and evening chat with our homestay family.


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