Tuk Tuk-ing through Tea Plantations

We woke up and filled ourselves up on a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast at our homestay before setting off on our journey to Nurawa Eliya.img_1469Our homestay had kindly arranged a free tea factory tour that was on the way. When we arrived we were greeted and shown around the factory. It was interesting to see all the machines they use and learn about the process. At the end we go to taste all their different teas.img_1432It became very clear at this point we were expected to buy some. The tea was overpriced and really wasn’t anything to call home about. When we said it was out of our budget and that we simply didn’t have any space in our bags the woman couldn’t have made it more awkward. We didn’t even finish our tea and just left. On the plus side it was still interesting, free and we don’t need to ever see her or her awkwardness again.

As we continued on our drive the scenery was unbelievable.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1115.Breathtaking views one after another, we couldn’t help but keep having breaks to take photos at every chance we had.img_1473The windy roads leading up to 1800 metres above sea level consisted of green valleys and tea plantations where we could stop and watch the workers picking tea.img_1546img_1545It was one of the most scenic places we have been on our whole trip.img_1547Arriving in Nuwara Eliya was nice, it’s called little Britain and you can see touches of England influence. We booked at Blue Wing Inn which was a little pricey for what we’ve been paying but my gosh was it worth it. We arrived and had a pot of tea up on the roof. Drinking tea in the mountains was lovely especially after passing all the plantations and seeing the workers. It makes you really appreciate the hard work that goes into your cup of tea! Our room was also great, the bed was the best we have stayed in for quite a while!img_1436It’s really cold up at night being so high up so the big cosy cover was so perfect. I was too cold to go out and the owners couldn’t cook for us as it was late so they ordered us pizza to be delivered! A cosy night in with take away was a real treat for us.


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