Driving down the mountains to Yala National Park

We had a long drive ahead to get to Tissamaharama so we set off early around 10am. It was mostly a downhill drive down the mountains and as soon as we left the mountains it was just one fairly straight road the rest of the way. We had a portable speaker that we used to play Christmas music on the drive. We assumed we would be driving most of the day so had planned to spend two nights there so we could do a safari. There isn’t a whole lot else to do there but everyone goes there for one reason – to do a Yala National Park Safari. We arrived at La Safari Inn around 1pm, much earlier than we thought and they were heading out on an afternoon safari in 15 minutes. We decided to dump our bags and head out on the safari straight away. Not only was it going to be cheaper as we could share the safari with another couple but it also meant we only needed to spend one night here instead, which would free up the other night to spend the extra night somewhere else later on in the trip.

SAFARI TIME!img_1551The safari was really fun! We got picked up in a jeep and the drive to Yala National Park was 45 minutes from where we were staying. Once we arrived at the park our driver straight away started finding things that we would never have spotted!DCIM100GOPROGOPR1257.He had such a good eye for animals. We saw mongoose, peacocks, crocodiles, elephants, buffalo, warthogs, dear, monkeys and so many different species of birds (photos below). It was great to see these animals in the wild rather than a zoo.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1250.Sadly we couldn’t find any leopards and we could tell our driver was disappointed he didn’t spot one for us. He kept finding prints from leopards on the ground and trying to track them but in the end we ran out of time.img_1693We still thoroughly enjoyed the safari and are so glad we experienced one as neither of us had done one before.img_1688img_1689img_1691img_1694img_1692img_1695img_1696img_1697img_1698Our night was pretty quiet just dinner at the hotel and then an early night. We were both exhausted from the safari, it’s weirdly tiring cause you are so alert the whole time trying to for any sign of an animal!


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