Magical Mirissa

We woke up planning to head to Tangalle, a beach town between the national park and Mirissa. We thought we would stop here to break up the drive to Mirissa which was 120km. When we arrived the town in Tangalle was very quiet and there didn’t seem like much to do. As we were making good time we decided just to pass through and head straight to Mirissa. We arrived at 3.30pm and checked into a guesthouse. Our friend Aubrey who we met in India was now in Sri Lanka with his girlfriend Grace so we met them for happy hour drinks on the beach, followed by some stuffed rotti for dinner which was really nice.

The next day we got up and had one of the worst breakfasts we have had so far. It was included in the room but it was hardly edible. The eggs were absolutely smothered in pepper you couldn’t even see the yolk and all the toast was rock hard. Sadly we have this included for 3 more days!!

We picked up Aubrey and Grace and headed to a town nearby called Weligama. It’s a small fishing town that has a beach. The waves were really good and Aubrey and charlie decided they wanted to surf.img_1699Charlie got a surfing lesson from Aubrey and it must have been good cause Charlie stood up first go! Grace and I got our hands on some sun loungers and enjoyed having a chat the sunshine whilst the boys surfed. A quick coconut refreshment and swim in the ocean and we were all ready to go.

We drove a little further along to coast to check out a local sea turtle conservation project. The project was doing some pretty great things, they rescue injured turtles who have either been caught in fishing nets or attacked by predictors. They then nurse them back to health and release them.img_1701They also protect turtle eggs and once they hatch they look after the baby turtles until their eyes are fully developed. They release the baby turtles over night when there are the least amount of predictors around to ensure the best chance of survival. Mostly it’s birds and stray dogs that are the most serious predictors as they often get to the baby turtles before they even reach the ocean. Of course once they are in the ocean there are still predictors but their chances of survival have largely increased.

Our next stop was a snake conservation and rescue farm. We drove there and it turns out to be a locals house. We walked up the drive way and he was eating his lunch but told us to sit down outside on the chairs. He came out a few minutes later with a change of clothes and huge smile on his face. We had no idea what to expect but as he opened his shed we could see about 12 different enclosures. He told us to stay where we were, grabbed a snake hook and opened one of the enclosures. All of a sudden he placed a cobra on the ground in front of us!img_1704It was hissing but was mesmerised by him lucky. He told us he found it in a nearby rice paddy and how it is still poisonous. He moved his foot around making it follow and showed us how it strikes – all whilst wearing thongs I might add! He was crazy. Charlie asked him if he has been bitten and he casually responded that he had been bitten 5 times. He has herbal antidotes in his house but I can’t say that really gave us much comfort.img_1708For 2 hours he continued to get our different snakes, some poisonous and others not. The poisonous snakes he had included 2 adult cobras, 1 adult white cobra, 1 baby cobra, 2 vipers. He also had a large selection of non venomous snakes including tree snakes, water snakes and pythons. He finds them all in the jungle or gets called out to people’s houses. He let us hold the non venomous ones.img_1702You could tell he really enjoyed showing us cause every time we reacted with a gasp he would smile or laugh.img_1627We all headed back and got showered before heading out again for some drinks and dinner. Happy hour got the best of us and we lost track of time! 10pm and most restaurants stop serving food but we found one and they agreed to make us some burgers! A veggie burger for me and beef burgers for the others!

The next morning we met up with Aubrey and Grace and headed back to Weligama so the boys could surf again.img_1703Aubrey and Grace were heading from there to Unawatuna so after saying goodbye we headed back to Mirissa. We had loads of washing to do and Charlie booked onto a Whale watching boat ride for the morning. We were pretty tired so we had an early night.

Charlie woke up and headed out for whale watching at 6am. He was lucky enough to see a teenage whale!img_1707I snoozed until 9 before heading to the beach. I secured another sun lounger and spent a couple of hours laying around and swimming before Charlie came and found me.img_1668We had lunch on the beach and went for a walk before heading back to our room for a rest. Charlie was pretty tired after a bad nights sleep and early morning start so he had a nap. We then walked along the beach to a sunset viewpoint and then went to a bar for a happy hour beverage. We had an early dinner and then went back to our room for another early night before we headed to Unawatuna! Mirissa has been awesome and considering it’s a beach town we really didn’t struggle to fill our days here. img_1705


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