Cruising the coastline to Unawatuna

We woke up, packed up the tuk tuk and started to make our way to our next stop – the beach town of Unawatuna. We were mostly excited to go because it had such an cool name. We knew that from this point onwards things were going to get a lot more touristy. The drive took around an hour. Once we arrived we found a place stay off the main road called Nooit Gedacht where we had treated ourselves to a lovely room with aircon.

We drove down to the beach front to have a drink with Aubrey and Grace and hear what they had been up to during their stay. They suggested Wijaya beach so once we parted ways with them we drove straight there. The beach was really nice and more secluded than Unawatuna. We spent the rest of our afternoon swimming and laying on the beach.img_1779On the way home Charlie found some stout beer which as you can see from the photo below he was pretty happy with… unfortunately it was pretty nasty so the excitement was gone after he had his first sip.img_1672Unawatuna was much more touristy and expensive compared to our previous destinations so dinner was a little harder to find within our budget. We settled for a cheap-ish place on the beach where we had the worst dhal curry so far on our whole trip. Luckily the other food we ordered was ok, nothing special though.

The next day we woke up around 8 and Charlie had really enjoyed sleeping in the aircon. We had another disappointing meal for breakfast and headed to Galle to explore the Fort. We thought we would spend the day there but after arriving and exploring for a while we managed to see what we wanted within an hour or two. Galle was really nice inside the Fort but it was very much set up for tourist shopping or eating at expensive restaurants, none of which we were interested in.img_1781We walked around the walls and there were loads of people swimming as the water was so clear.img_1782Afterwards we decided to head to jungle beach in Unawatuna but when we got there we couldn’t find anywhere to park and a group of tourists told us it was full of rubbish and not worth it. We decided to head back to Wijaya beach for a swim instead.img_1780After showing we headed to Happy Spice for dinner which was recommended on trip advisor and also by Aubrey and Grace. It was much better than our previous dinner so we were pretty happy to finally have some nice food again. I had the 4 curry and rice which I really like cause it gives you the chance to try a couple of different dishes, Charlie had a dhal curry. We had a pretty quiet night as we found Unawatuna quite souless. It was touristy but it didn’t seem to have much of a vibe so we had decided to not spend any more time here and head to Hikkaduwa instead.


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