Hanging out in Hikkaduwa

We had a late check out so we had a pretty slow morning enjoying the last of our aircon before packing up the tuk tuk and heading to Hikkaduwa. The drive was quick, only taking an hour again.img_1785Once we arrived we drove around for ages trying to find accommodation. We had tried so many places but they were either too expensive or pretty disgusting. The prices here we high for something in town so we settled for a room at Waves Inn 2 which we had looked at earlier because we were fed up with looking. The guy told us he needed to clean it but he was too hungry to do it now and needed to get lunch first. We agreed we would come back in an hour so we headed out for a drink on the beach. When we came back he was almost finished cleaning it. The room looked basic but ok on first glance. He asked us to pay in advance which we thought was strange but we did. We had a beer in the outdoor area before getting ready for dinner.

That night we had a pretty awful sleep. The fan hardly worked so it was hot and stuffy and bugs were getting inside our mosquito net. We had midgy flys, Mosquitos and a red ant sleeping with us. Also the bed made the loudest noises when there was any movement so Charlie and I were constantly waking each other up. After finally getting about 5 hours sleep I woke up pretty annoyed. I headed straight out of the room to tell the guy there’s no way we could stay in that room another night. He wasn’t very happy when I suggested we check out a night early and he refund us for the second night. He put up a good fight but I argued it out with him long enough that he agreed. He went onto say he didn’t want people like us staying at his place and there were plenty of tourists around to stay there that didn’t have issues. We were pretty glad to drive away from that place. We headed to a place called Grand Villa, a little further out of Hikkaduwa. It was a fraction of the cost and much nicer! Luckily because we had the tuk tuk the location wasn’t an issue for us.

We headed out to meet Aubrey and Grace as we all wanted to head to the Tsunami museum. It was very interesting but also quite hard to see. The first room was very educational and explained how tsunamis happen. It also explained more details of the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, one interesting fact was that it was travelling at 30kms an hour which is crazy. The next two rooms were pretty grim, there were lots of photos of the devastation and also a lot of graphic photos of people who hadn’t survived.

We decided we would try to snorkel in the afternoon so we headed to the area that was apparently good for snorkelling. There wasn’t much to see so we gave up fairly quickly and assumed we had gone to the wrong spot. We had a chill out back at the room and then headed out for dinner. We went to a place that serves lots of different stuffed rotti which has quickly become one of my favourite meals here.

We woke up the next morning feeling refreshed after a much better sleep in our new place. We spent our last day snorkelling, surfing and boogie boarding. It was a really fun day and as it was our last day in Hikkaduwa we wanted to fill it up with as many fun activities as we could. We had a long drive back to Colombo ahead of us so we had a quick rotti again for dinner before heading back to start packing up our stuff.


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