Island paradise on Koh Rong Samloem

We woke up early and headed down to Serendipity pier where we would catch the 9.30am ferry to Koh Rong Samloem. The island is fairly quiet but slowly becoming more and more developed. We chose to stay here was we had heard it hadn’t been completely ruined by tourism yet. On arrival we noticed some development but it was still very basic and quiet. There’s no roads, no cars or bikes which was nice to see however we did notice some construction around parts of the island which makes us think the island won’t stay this quiet for long. Oh and it has a very rustic police station but we loved this. Inside was a hammock which usually had 1 man (the policeman?) sleeping for most of the day.
We arrived on the island and checked into the Beach Island Resort where we had some really cool accommodation for the next couple of nights. We were staying in an open aired dorm where there was no front wall to the dorm, instead there was a view of the ocean.
It was pretty amazing as we got to fall asleep at night under a mosquito net to the sound of the ocean and in the morning we could watch the sunrise from our bed!
Sadly the facilities (eg. The showers and toilets) were pretty grim and the staff were very unfriendly and in most cases rude. Still we were pretty happy as the island was absolutely beautiful!
We had a lazy first day on our side of the island where we met a solo traveller from Melbourne named Jenna. We went out in the afternoon together to watch the sunset at a little wooden beach bar before having some dinner back at our place.

The next day we woke up, had some breakfast then spent a couple of hours on the beach. We decided to hike to sunset beach in the afternoon which was on the opposite side of the island. Charlie, Jenna and I set out around 3pm hoping to stay on the other side for most of the evening before trekking back later that night once we’d had dinner and watched the sunset. We didn’t expect the walk to be as much of a trek as it was. It started with a small path but the path leads you into dense jungle and full of rocky inclines and lots of tree trunks to climb over.
The walk was really hot but also really fun, however, we didn’t really want to do it in pitch black darkness so we decided to only spend a few hours at sunset beach. The beach was beautiful though and the water was even clearer than on our side!We had a beer at a cool bungalow hostel called Huba Huba before making the trek back.
When we got back we decided to have a couple of beers at a really cool shack type bar near our place. The bar had a great outdoor balcony built where the you have views of the beach from one side and views of a river from the other. We sat there whilst the sunset and the whole sky kept changing colour. It was beautiful.
We finished our night off at a place called Orchid for dinner before heading back.

Our last day we woke up and packed up our stuff. We loved it here so much we booked ourselves on the last possible ferry so we could spend the whole day here. Charlie, Jenna and I decided to do another hike to Lazy Beach. We left around 8.30am so we could have breakfast at the resort over there. The hike was much easier than the previous day and the path was a much easier terrain. We arrived and instantly fell in love with the place. It was even more beautiful than sunset beach!
We had a lovely breakfast at the resort before finding a spot on the sand where we would spend most of the day.
The water was so clear and the beach was so quiet we practically had it to ourselves the whole day.
Sadly the time came where we had to head back to the other side so Charlie and I could get our ferry.

We finished our day with a quick little rest at the bar before grabbing our bags, saying goodbye to Jenna and getting our ferry back to the mainland. We’d had to most amazing time on the island and even though there wasn’t much to do to fill our days we both said we could have stayed much longer! It really is a little island paradise.


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