One night in Sihanoukville

We woke up, packed up our bags and headed to our favourite cafe for breakfast. We booked for $5 around 1.30pm to head to Sihanoukville where we would spend one night before getting a ferry to the island of Koh Rong Samloem.

A couple of hours later we arrived in the centre of Sihanoukville and decided to save money we would walk to our guesthouse. After the 2km walk we arrived to where our guesthouse was on the map however it was no where to be seen. What was worse was it was in a pretty sketchy area of town. After walking around a little more and asking a few restaurant owners we gave up and headed back into town. We found a cheap room near the pier called Sakal Guesthouse, it was by no means perfect and was essentially a very basic sweatbox but we figured it would do for one night. Luckily I contacted Agoda and we got refunded for our none existent room too.

After booking our ferry for the following morning, we headed out to a bar down the road that we had received a free beer poster for when we passed earlier. The food and beer was well priced so we decided to spend the evening there. Just after ordering we looked over and on the next table was Paul and Hannah! We didn’t realise they were in the same pat of Sihanoukville and didn’t expect to see them so it was a nice surprise and we all got to have dinner together.


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