An exciting reunion in Bangkok

We left Cambodia on the most mosquito infested aeroplane we have ever seen. The hour plane ride was spent listening to the sound of clapping as everyone tried to kill them as they came near. We arrived in Bangkok in the evening and decided to stay out near the airport so we could go meet Kev and Su the next morning once they landed. A good sleep and a minibus trip to the airport we were waiting outside very excited for our reunion. Kev and Su arrived and Charlie jumped out from behind a sign scaring them. We had a long drive to the Khao San Road area before dropping our bags off and going for a beer, some lunch and a walk around. We headed back to the hotel so that Kev and Su could check in, have a quick nap and get showered before we went off to explore Bangkok at night. We went down Khao San Road where Kev and I got to eat a grasshopper of a street stall. Kev liked it so much he went back for a cockroach and Charlie had a frog. The rest of our evening we spent walking around, stopping for beers before heading out for dinner. We had a few too many drinks as to be expected and went to bed.
The next day we had a little later start than planned but decided to head to chinatown as Charlie and I had never been there either. bangkok-4We had a big walk around the area and through tiny alley way markets where Su got to do some shopping before walking out towards the river.bangkokWe were able to get a boat ride back to the Khao San area so we jumped on the boat and got to see some more sites along the river.bangkok-1It was quite lucky as we were going to visit a temple instead of going to Chinatown but decided against it, when we were on the boat we got to go past it and it was covered head to toe in scaffolding.

Our final night in Bangkok was another wander around, doing some shopping and drinking some beers before heading to dinner. It was so nice to just walk around and discover loads of different things, we even found an old fire truck that Kev got a photo with. After our little explore we headed back to the hotel for an early night, ready for our flight to Chiang Mai the next day.bangkok-2


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