Short stays in Surat Thani

We decided the break up the trip to the islands we would spend a night in Surat Thani either side of our boat journey to and from Koh Tao. To make blogging this easier, I’ve combined both of the nights into one blog post.

We arrived the first time by air from Chiang Mai and after checking into our hotels we dropped our bags off and went for a big walk around the area. We found the night market which we would head back to for dinner and continued to walk along the river. surat-thani-1We ended up walking through lots of different little streets and got to see lots of locals homes which was really interesting, they also seemed a bit surprised to see us which made us think tourists didn’t really venture out their way.surat-thani-2We ended up going back to the night market to pick up some food, got some beers on the way home and then had a picnic together in our room which was really nice. We had an early boat ride the next morning so we called it a night, excited to get to Koh Tao!

When we came back to Surat Thani from Koh Tao we pretty much did the same things as the last time, we walked around the town before heading to dinner. We found a little restaurant to eat at in the night market which was really fun because the market is mostly for locals so the stall owners don’t speak much english. After dinner we went out for some ice creamed. Very full up and tired we headed to bed before our flight to Bangkok the next morning.

Surat Thani was really interesting as it really isn’t that touristy at all. We only ever saw a handful of tourists there when we were there and whilst there isn’t much to do there it was really fun just to walk around and see the lives of the locals.


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