Spending our days relaxing and snorkeling in Koh Tao

We woke up and got on the bus to the pier ready for our long boat journey to Koh Tao. The bus was late which made the boat leave late and our journey a little longer than planned but it was nice to be on the water looking out at all the islands going past.koh-tao-1We had to change boats at Koh Phangan which was annoying but gave Kev and Su a chance to see a different island, even if it was only the pier, it gave them size comparisons for Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. When we arrived at Koh Tao it was amazing, we were so glad to be back and so excited to show Kev and Su around.

We were staying at Bans diving resort in the jungle house. I remembered Bans being along the main beach front but didn’t realise how big it was and the jungle house was ages away from the main beach. Conveniently though we had our own little golf cart with driver that we could call on to drive us down. We also happily walked back in the evenings as it was much cooler and not too bad a walk. Our first day we walked around the main street and the main beach front before having some sunset beers at A.C.2.koh-tao-4We were pretty comfy there so we ended up staying there for dinner before walking back to the main street.koh-tao-3We had another beer at Simple Life divers and then went for a walk down to lotus bar for the fire show (with a gin bucket in hand). The fire show was really good and Charlie and I never got to see it last time we were here so we stayed and watched that before heading to Simon’s Cabaret Lady Boy show. We had been here last time with Lolly and her parents so we thought Kev and Su should experience it too. It was really fun and Kev enjoyed it so much he even got involved in the show. On the way home Charlie wanted to stop past a tattoo shop where he booked in for a tattoo in a couple of days, whilst we were there Su decided to get her nose pierced which was really funny but it looked so good, almost like she had always had it done!

The next morning we woke up and headed out for some lunch. We took all our snorkelling gear with us and headed past the pier to Sensi Paradise where Sharyn and Marshall had been staying last time as we knew the snorkelling there was good. We all jumped in the water and headed out to the ship wreck where the water was so clear and there was so much fish life it was hard to believe it was so close to the shoreline. koh-tao-9We stayed out there for a while before heading back to our jungle house to get showered and head out for another sunset. We decided to have a drink at Bans and watch locals and tourists play volleyball against each other, we even recognised one of the lady boys from the night before who was playing. After that we headed to Su Chilli for some dinner. I had the best penang curry I think I have ever had. We decided after our big night of drinking the night before that we would just have a quiet one tonight so we headed back to our jungle house.

Another day in paradise and another day of snorkelling planned. We went straight to the wreck again skipping on breakfast and deciding to just have lunch once we were finished. Charlie and Kev stumbled across loads of crabs on a rock while Su and I floated around in the shallows.koh-tao-7We headed for lunch before doing some shopping on our way back to the hotel. We made our way back down to the beach and walked the whole way down the other side of the beach this time, stopping for some happy hour cocktails and beers whilst watching the sunset.koh-tao-10We wanted to go out for a nice seafood dinner and knew that Barracuda 2 was amazing from when Jaimee and Lolly took us there. It was so nice, the food there is amazing and Charlie and Kev shared the seafood platter for 2. It had a whole fish, barracuda steaks, prawns, muscles, calamari and more. I had the muscles and Su had the ribs which were so big that I got some of those too. Su ended up feeding the bones to a cute little stray dog before we headed back to the main beach. We picked up some beers on the way back and sat on our balcony drinking and chatting together.

Our last full day here and it wouldn’t have been the same if we didn’t go for another snorkel at our favourite spot. After a couple hours there we headed to mom moms for lunch although its called something else now which I can’t remember.koh-tao-6We had a big lunch of fruit shakes, pad thai and fried rice before heading back to get showered. Charlie had his tattoo appointment so Kev and Su went for a walk whilst I waited with him. Kev and Su came back and we all sat in the shop watching Charlie’s tattoo get its finishing touches. It looks great and turned out better than he expected so that was good!koh-tao-2We had our last dinner and a few drinks on a beach front restaurant before heading back to pack up and get ready for our ferry the next day.koh-tao-11


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