Local life in Inle Lake

After we arrived in Inle Lake and had our lunch we were put into long tail type boats for a 1.5 hour tour around the lake. It was so beautiful with so many stilted villages whose whole life source revolves around this one lake, they even grow their crops in floating gardens.16836169_10154192888796176_5121157985097830234_oWe stopped at a few huts where we were shown how locals make handicrafts, some of the items there were so beautiful but we didn’t have space to carry them.16819397_10154190566366176_3155559772892517083_oWe got to go past the famous Inle Lake fisherman who stand at the end of their boat and steer there boat with one oar using just one leg so they have their hands free to drop and lift their fishing baskets on the go. It was very impressive to watch and amazing that they are still using this style of fishing.16992248_10154197300111176_619860197191811107_o17016797_10154196599671176_6888174268391536903_oAfter our 65km 3 day trek we were looking forward to having a quiet afternoon. We had a nice long shower each and did some laundry – both very much required. Unfortunately later on in the evening I started to feel unwell and knew I was going to be in for a pretty rough night. Not sure what was wrong but having been up most of the night and still not feeling great we decided to have another chilled out day. Charlie went out later in the evening to meet the others at a winery nearby. He hired a bike and rode there and was surprised to see Ooh Ooh had stayed in Inle Lake and extra day to see everyone. Charlie said the wine was pretty bad but the sunset was really nice.16904872_10154188124121176_852357600398505344_o16904979_10154188125871176_8757194014690368774_oAfter riding home in the dark Charlie went out to get some dinner and came back with some french fries for me. I managed to eat some of them but still had no appetite, Charlie managed to finish them off, which may have been his plan all along.

Our last day I was feeling quite exhausted but knew I had to eat. We also had a long wait until we were getting picked up for our overnight bus. We found a nice little French cafe that had real coffee and home made bread. I didn’t feel as though I could stomach local food yet and I quite fancied a baguette with jam so we settled in there. This worked out well for Charlie too as he was able to get bacon and eggs! We ran into a couple of other people from the trek and Julia and Heike met us there too. We all sat around for a couple hours relaxing before we all headed off to get our night buses. Charlie and I then walked around for ages trying to locate a chemist so I could get some anti nausea tablets, not only was the chemist a little hard to find but I wasn’t entirely confident with what I was given due to quite a significant language barrier. The lady knew what nausea was but couldn’t tell me how to take them or how many to take at a time. A sheet of tablets only cost 300 kyats which is the equivalent to 25 pence so I bought them anyway thinking I could hopefully google the instructions. Luckily I could and they were exactly what I needed.

The 6 of us, being Charlie, Heike, Julia, Deandra, Luigi and myself had decided to continue our Myanmar travels as a group. Not only did we all enjoy each others company but it saved us money with transport and activities. We all got on an overnight bus to Bagan, ready for a lot of early morning sunrises and to explore some of the many pagodas there.


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