A not so great day trip to Kanchanaburi

We had a few days in Bangkok and had both wanted to see the bridge over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. We originally thought that we would go to Kanchanaburi for 2 nights but when we found out the transfer there was the same price as a day trip we decided we may as well stay and just visit for the day. The lady at the travel shop told us it was a great day out, we would get to see the bridge, the World War 2 museum, Death Railway and a waterfall – what could go wrong?

Firstly we were picked up at 7am and taken around the corner to Khao San Road where we waited on the side of the street for another minibus. After much confusion we were finally on our way but being the last 2 people to be confirmed in that particular minibus we were squashed in the back grown with no leg space for the 2.5 hour drive… Brilliant.

On arrival to Kanchanaburi our guide gave us no information about the bridge or the museum but did tell us we only had 45 minutes to see both of them. We quickly walked to the bridge where we were disappointed in the lack of information about it, we kind of expected there would be at least a sign explaining the history.17212067_10154221713016176_7579590424240143486_oAfter this we went to the JEATH World War 2 museum, paid an entry fee and hoped there would be a bit more information in there. Sadly this wasn’t the case and half of the ‘artifacts’ weren’t even from that era. They also had these really weird ‘life like’ statues of famous people throughout certain historical times but they weren’t very lifelike at all and painted blue?17211922_10154221709231176_4921305040765722522_o17192388_10154221703096176_6016691918378430715_oAfter the museum we headed to Death Railway. We paid to get on the train to ride the Hellfire Pass where thousands of people died during the build of this particular train pass. The train was nice but we really didn’t get to see it as we were on top of it, on the train, which was overcrowded and so you couldn’t really look out the windows. After we passed the famous part of the railway the train became less crowded and we got to enjoy the ride a lot more.17192277_10154224593666176_4658482735755938793_oOur guide told us that we would get off at the final stop and head to lunch, only we never made it to the final stop. The train came to a halt and didn’t move for a while. When we looked out the window to see what was happening we realised that a huge tree had fallen across the tracks and we weren’t going to make it to the last stop. Luckily we weren’t too far from the road so our guide called our minibus to come meet us. We all climbed off the train and made our way through the woods to the road.17157504_10154221725941176_2276173778328572310_oWe arrived at lunch which was on the river, the food was average but the view was really lovely and we thought the second half of our day was surely to improve. WRONG! Our guide came around and told us we would head to the waterfall for an hour of free time, we were pretty excited as we had our bathers on and were ready to cool off in some fresh cold water. Except then our guide continued to tell us that due to dry season the waterfall is completely dry. We couldn’t believe our luck. I asked why we were even going and she told us that we are going because it is on the programme. We were both pretty angry at this stage as we really felt like we had been lied to by the lady in the office who showed us photos of a beautiful tall flowing waterfall. We went and walked around the dry cliff that was the ‘waterfall’ before going to 7/11 for ice creams and sitting in the gutter for 20 minutes.17097989_10154221722251176_7754513302340652716_oLast on the agenda for our super fabulous tour was the War Cemetery. We both find cemeteries quite interesting so we were looking forward to having a walk around and reading the head stones. When we arrived we were told we would only have 20 minutes here which was not enough time to visit all areas. It was really nice there though and they obviously are putting a lot of work into keeping looking so good.17239988_10154224594461176_2112190672783779981_oDisappointed in the organisation of the tour yet again, at this stage in the day we could only laugh about it. We got back in the minibus and settled into our tiny squashed seats for the 2.5 hour journey back to Bangkok.


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