Hello Vietnam! First stop – Hanoi

We arrived to Hanoi and checked into our hotel in the old quarter. It was quite late and I had just realised I had left my phone at the airport in Laos so we figured we would go out for a beer to distract me. We found a nice bar near the hotel and had our first Vietnamese beer before heading back to our room for the night.

The next morning we got up and decided to head out and explore the city. We walked around the old quarter which was really interesting. We loved the run down buildings and looking up on top of shops to see where some people lived.17493168_10154263642151176_3016506850198779066_oIt was a mix of taking in the sights around us whilst trying not to be run over by a motorbike.We continued onwards to the lake which was quite nice but it got a lot more developed around there.17434846_10154263642886176_8101294152748103373_oWe then found a nice bar with a balcony where we could have a drink and watch the chaos on the street.17310275_10154258543781176_661808297972721028_oWe then set out to find some local food and came across a busy Bun Cha place. You don’t get an option for food, you just get served what they make but we were so pleased this was the case when our food arrived! It tasted incredible.17389012_10154258543766176_7774709235717657302_oWe headed back to our hotel for a rest and to get showered before heading out for a drink. We headed to a popular place called beer street or BIA street. It is basically a street of bars that put plastic chairs out on the side of the road for people to sit and drink on. It was ok but kind of uncomfortable but while we were there we heard the sound of police sirens and all the bars started running out and clearing all the chairs whilst moving everyone inside. Once the police drove past the chairs were all back out almost seconds later. We then headed back towards our place for dinner and settled with the bar we had visited the night before. The food was pretty average but it was hard to compete with after our amazing Bun Cha today.

Our last full day in Hanoi was spent much the same as the day before except we headed to a different area to explore.17493258_10154263642401176_2876860254290988086_oWe walked around past the lake and into the French quarter which was really interesting. In the Old Quarter the roads are really busy, its a mix of old run down buildings, new buildings and has the classic South East Asian power lines all over the place.17492932_10154263642881176_3074561509158009283_oIn the French Quarter the buildings were very clean, the roads were quite and there was only one power line going down the street. It felt like you weren’t even in Asia anymore.17311214_10154263642296176_2317129180940246078_oWe hadn’t stopped talking about how good the Bun Cha we ate the day before was and whilst we wanted to try another place we couldn’t find a place that looked like it could beat it so we headed back there for another amazing meal. We took our full bellies back to our hotel so we could get our travel booked to Sapa for the next morning. We had a pretty low key evening of packing and relaxing as our bus was booked for 6.30am the next morning.



He says, she says – Laos

3 March – 20 March 16 days

Places visited: Pakse, Don Det – 4000 islands, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang

Most favourite place:
Charlie: This took me a lot of thought but i think Don Det, but a close second being Vang Vieng. Don Det won because of its amazing waterfalls and the natural aspects. Vang Vieng is also amazing with its monstrous mountains and the sleepy rivers running through them.
Lisa: Don Det was a really interesting place for me. On arrival I was really confused at why people visited for long (some people stay weeks there) but once you got used to the really laid by vibe and explored the surrounding areas it was a really great place to spend your time.

Least favourite place:
Charlie: We passed through Pakse for one night and didn’t really get a chance to see if and judge it too well, but having said that, it seemed a bit characterless to me.
Lisa: Pakse was pretty unimpressive but we only spent one night there between crossing the Thai border and getting to Don Det, if I had to pick another place then I would say Luang Prabang. Whilst the town is quite a lot nicer than the others, I felt it was also the most developed and there wasn’t as much to do or see there. Don Det and Vang Vieng had the most beautiful scenery around them that I didn’t feel Luang Prabang could compete with.

Most favourite dish:
Charlie: The crispy pork! I discovered it too late and only managed to have it a couple of times though. I had something similar in Thailand, so maybe its not a great answer but i still miss that stuff!
Lisa: The Luang Prabang sausage was my favourite, although I only had it once. It’s filled with loads of herbs and the one we tried came with a really nice homemade eggplant chutney.

Best experience:
Charlie: We did so many cool things that this is hard to pick just one! I think the sunset bar in Don Det was awesome, jumping into the river from a high drop. We met the cutest little girl there too, who we spent a sunset with too which was so fun!
Lisa: I really enjoyed floating around the Mekong in Vang Vieng, especially at the Smile Bar where they had tied up tubes so you could get a drink and float there without moving whilst the sun set.

Worst experience:
Charlie: I think the night bus was probably the worst. The length of the bed meant we both had to sleep on a 5 ft single bed in a cramped spooning position. i need space to sleep so this meant i didn’t get much shut eye. Lisa of course managed to doze off well before me, but even she struggled!
Lisa: Our journey from Don Det to Vang Vieng which took a long 28 hours. Not only was in uncomfortable, we had a lot of waiting around, being messed about a little and were 4 hours late.

Something you will miss:
Charlie: The natural beauty of the country. Even with it being the dry season, we got to see some awesome natural landmarks. Waterfalls and dolphins in 4000 Island, towering mountains and cliffs in Vang Vieng, and swimming in the Mekong in all the places as it stretches the length of the country!
Lisa: The landscapes in Laos were beautiful, especially the Mekong and the mountains as they provided amazing sunsets.

Something you won’t miss:
Charlie: We’ve noticed it a lot on the second half of the trip. When you take the buses, they seem to drive you right through town, often past your hotel and back out the other side of town. Funnily enough theres a crowd of Tuk Tuks waiting for you in this random car park, charging huge amounts (in relative terms) for you to be taken back into town. It always frustrates me!
Lisa: Nothing seems to run on time in Laos. It’s a very sleepy place that seems to run on its own time which can be annoying when getting between places as you are always told the journey will be much shorter than it actually is.

Relaxing and recovering in Luang Prabang

We woke up early for our bus to Luang Prabang and unfortunately I was still feeling like I was getting sick. The journey was comfortable enough and the bus even stopped for us to take photos of nice views. We arrived and went to a cafe with Mike and Becki for lunch and to use the wifi to find somewhere to stay. The accommodation in Luang Prabang was quite expensive but we all found a place we liked and headed there. When we got there the receptionist said they only had one room and because Mike and Becki had already paid for theres we said they should take it. Charlie and I put our bags back on and went walking around town to find something else. We came across this nice little place on the main street which was cheap enough and looked pretty nice. We took our bags off and got showered before heading out for dinner near the night market. When we got back to our room there was about 10 mosquitos in the room which we thought was weird as we didn’t have any windows for them to come through. After going around the room killing them all we chilled out and fell asleep.

The next day I woke up feeling really rough, the sick feeling I had felt the past few days had turned into a really good head cold. We had to go to the Vietnamese Embassy to apply for a visa so we headed there dropped off our passports, filled out a quick form and were told to come back in 48 hours to collect them, it was so easy! Afterwards we went out for some food and I decided to just rest for the day. We went back to the room where I could have a nap and hopefully feel better. In the afternoon we headed out again for a drink and dinner and organised to meet up with Mike and Becki the next day to visit some waterfalls.

We woke up to meet Mike and Becki for breakfast before setting off to the waterfalls. We arranged a tuk tuk for the day to take us to two waterfalls. We arrived at Kuang Si Waterfall after almost an hours drive. At the start of the waterfall they have a bear rescue centre where you can see moon and sun bears playing in an enclosure. The conditions of the enclosure were quite good but we didn’t really know where the bears had been rescued from. They seemed happy enough though.17159085_10154244967111176_8408138891496691608_oWe continued onto the waterfall which was beautiful. The water was really blue and there were lots of different levels. 17310173_10154256279536176_5572227412756317921_oThere was also lots of colourful butterflies everywhere which Charlie managed to get some photos of. 17359335_10154244967451176_7263823448935281189_oLots of people were enjoying a swim in the lagoons but it did get quite crowded quickly as more and more tour groups showed up, because of this we decided to leave and head to the next waterfall so we could have a swim there. The journey was another long one and when we got dropped off our driver explained we had to pay to get a boat to take us across the river to where the waterfall is. We all paid for a boat and headed down the river to where you can walk up to the waterfall. Once we arrived there were some other tourists at the entrance who told us not to bother as there was no water. So we had paid to get to a dry waterfall… a common trend for Charlie and I lately. We decided not to pay the entry fee and head back to town. Charlie and I enjoyed killing another 20 mosquitos when we got in, got showered and met Mike and Becki at a restaurant for dinner. It was there last night in Luang Prabang and the last night we would have with them. We had a nice dinner before saying our goodbyes, we had really enjoyed travelling with them over the past 2 weeks.

Charlie and I spent the rest of our time relaxing in Luang Prabang. We checked into a much nicer hotel with no mosquitos and good wifi. We explored the night market both the handicrafts and the food. We went to a food stall where you got an empty bowl for £1.50 and could fill it with all the food they had cooked but it was really disappointing… Not only was everything cold but it was pretty flavourless. I still wasn’t feeling great and this cold was really hard to shake so our days were very slow and I spent a lot of time editing video footage for our Laos video. We enjoyed our time in Luang Prabang but feel like we preferred Don Det and Vang Vieng much more. We did get some more nice sunsets there though!17493093_10154263640841176_3916633799665562109_o17310216_10154263640966176_1456408677356127078_oNext stop – Vietnam!

Floating down the Mekong in Vang Vieng

We had a bit of a mammoth journey ahead of us to get from Don Det to Vang Vieng. Most people stop in Vientiane but we weren’t really interested in going there so we decided to skip it. This meant that we had to get a boat from Don Det to the mainland, followed by a 3 hour bus to Pakse where we would wait 5 hours for the night bus. The night bus would then take 10 hours to Vientiane where we would switch buses onward to Vang Vieng. Sounded annoying but simple enough. Sadly it didn’t go so smooth.

Our boat and bus to Pakse was on time and as comfortable as it could be. We then spent 5 hours having some lunch and using the wifi in a cafe before a tuk tuk showed up to transfer us to the bus station. At the bus station our bus hadn’t arrived yet but we had hope for a comfortable bus journey as the buses that were there already looked quite nice. Some even had TVs and wifi. When our bus showed up we couldn’t believe it. Not only was it ancient compared to the other ones but the windscreen had a massive crack going all the way through it. When we went to get on the bus the driver ran back over with about 10 air freshners to put in there before we got on… great! The bus of course wasn’t comfortable, we were on the top level in a ‘double’ sleeper bed which was really made for just one person. On arrival to Vientiane we got off the bus very tired after an awful night sleep to be told the bus to Vang Vieng leaves from a different station. Lots of tuk tuk drivers were trying to get us to pay them to take us there but we refused and went looking for more information. The man at the ticket office told us to wait in a corner and that a bus would come to get us in an hours time. 2 hours later a minibus showed up to collect us and some other confused tourists, we thought finally we were on our way… wrong again. We were then dropped off at a booking office where we had to ‘check in’ for the bus. Another hour later we were finally on our way, running very late. We were obviously relieved when we finally arrived at Vang Vieng 28 hours later.

Once we arrived we set off and found a place to stay. Diandra and Luigi who we travelled with in Myanmar were in Vang Vieng too so we had a little rest in our room before meeting up with them in the evening. We caught up on each others travels over dinner before heading to one of the bars that was serving free beer and whiskey for an hour. After a couple of drinks there we said we would head out for one more drink before going back to our rooms. Once we were there though the drinks kept coming and all of a sudden we were in a tuk tuk heading to a jungle party. To call it a jungle party was a bit odd, it wasn’t really in the jungle and was just 4kms out of town.17349837_10155252190234994_2433548817344771691_oIt was still interesting to see, there were lots of fire performers but also a lot of drunk people and although we were a few drinks in, we really weren’t at the level of the people there. We stayed for an hour or so before heading back into town, getting some more food and back to our rooms.

The next day we decided to go with Diandra and Luigi as well as Jacob and Mary (a dutch couple we met the night before) to the Blue Lagoon. We arranged a tuk tuk to take us there, wait 2 hours and bring us back. The lagoon was really nice but as it was a weekend the whole place was filled with locals and tourists and it was just a bit too busy for our likings.17240485_10154241449876176_89713688454132799_oWe found a restaurant and got some lunch whilst dipping in and out of the lagoon to cool down. There was a tree you could climb where you jump off one of the branches into the water which some of the group enjoyed and we found a huge spider on one of the trees. 17218524_10154241450111176_6545286749251876047_oOnce we got back we got showered and then headed out to meet Diandra and Luigi at a place called Smile Bar. The walk there was really nice as the surroundings of Vang Vieng are beautiful and there was a really cool wooden bridge to walk over.17192257_10155252186344994_5747845346511900950_oOnce we arrived the bar was awesome, it is full of open wooden bungalows with hammocks along the riverside and you can lay in the tied up tubes in the river. 17240032_10154241948546176_1670597535839720330_oAfter a drink there we all went out to dinner in town before heading home.

Mike and Becki arrived in Vang Vieng and the four of us decided to go tubing. The tubing was pretty famous here because it used to be a huge party the whole way down the river with loads of bars and rope swings for people to spend the whole day at. It got a pretty bad name as there were quite a few deaths and they shut it down for a few years however the town experienced a massive decrease in tourism so they opened it up again with restrictions. The restrictions are that now there aren’t really any rope swings, there certainly weren’t any when we were there as it was dry season and the river was quite low. They only allow 2 bars to be open on the whole river which is an attempt to control how drunk people get although after experiencing it, it definitely isn’t working as people just spend more time getting drunk at the first bar. We arrived at the first bar only 50 metres down from there they drop you off with your tube and it was again not really our thing, there were lots of very drunk people (at 1pm) all playing drinking games and being generally a bit annoying. The four of us found a table outside the bar and enjoyed a beer there whilst chatting to some other people who were seated outside. In an attempt to get to the second bar before the crazies came we left and floated down to an almost empty bar, which was annoyingly only another 50 metres down the river.17310956_10155252186484994_3507257563814973762_oWe enjoyed about half a beer before everyone else started showing up. We got chatting to a few other nice travellers before I got kicked in the face by a flying soccer ball. Some drunk fool had decided to kick the soccer ball into the bar as hard as he could and unfortunately the whole left side of my face stopped it. We finished our drinks and floated down the Mekong until dark.17218688_10155258380929994_4247567372016192202_oOnce we got back into town and dropped off our tubes, Charlie and I decided to get some take away food and take it back to the room. I ordered a soup which came in a plastic bag, the way locals get theirs so it was quite amusing to try and eat my noodle soup from a plastic bag in our room.

The next day we got up and had a late breakfast in town where Mike and Becki met us to make plans for the day. We decided to walk to Them Chong Cave just out of town. We all walked there in the mid day heat which wasn’t the most enjoyable but luckily it was an easy enough walk. The cave was quite impressive, it was really big inside and where villages used to hide during the civil war.17310193_10154241945596176_1217687440336846128_oIt also had a pretty impressive viewpoint inside the cave.17239988_10154241945586176_5840941825137689207_oAfter the cave we headed to Smile Bar to float in the tubes and relax for a couple hours.17434916_10155283472144994_3723592316952725641_oMike and Becki had an amazing hotel where you got a great view of the town during sunset so we got a beer and headed there to watch the sunset. While we were there we got to witness hundreds of bats flying out from one of the mountains which was a great surprise!17218691_10154241985906176_4543959023061185007_o The view was amazing but I started getting a really sore throat so Charlie and I headed out to grab some food and got a bus booked for the next day to Luang Prabang.17218579_10154241987326176_7886527520437737243_oWe had a great time in Vang Vieng. We had been warned that it was just a party town but you can definitely go there and make it how you want it. The scenery around the town is stunning and we could have easily spent more time there.17349827_10154241947986176_3407801589507525568_o17240610_10154241945016176_2091503313908978893_o

Been there Don Det

We woke up and set off early at 8am for Don Det. Our trip was to be much easier and faster than our previous journey from Thailand to Laos and we were quite excited to have a few nights chilling out on the island. After a 3 hour bus ride we arrived to the dock where we had a quick 5 minute boat ride to Don Det. When we arrived I left Charlie with a beer at a restaurant whilst I went on the hunt for a room for us. I found a guesthouse which was clean, quite new and had the option for air conditioning. We ate a quick lunch at the restaurant before checking in, showering and having a little rest. We headed to a place called sunset bungalows for a beer and to watch the sunset over the mekong river. The place was really cool as it had a ledge that you could run off and jump into the water from.17310909_10154239043936176_5735965403108370038_oWe met another group of travellers before heading to dinner. Don Det is a really chilled out, relaxing place and so the restaurant we ate in was playing friends in order on repeat. We ended up having dinner and a couple of drinks there whilst watching TV before heading to bed.

We woke up for our first full day on the island and decided to hire push bikes to ride over to Don Khone, which is a larger island next to Don Det. We set out in the mid day heat, crossed the bridge and headed to a waterfall which was on our map.17039425_10154221701131176_812669537251749391_oThe waterfall was quite disappointing but another group of travellers pointed us in the direction of a beach. We rode to the beach and enjoyed a nice cool drink in one of the restaurants there.17192656_10155234074604994_5761475535091677532_oThe restaurant owners son was very interested in Charlie’s camera so Charlie spent some time with him, letting him take some photos with it. There was a couple on the table next to us who also had some nice camera equipment so the young boy would swap between their table and ours. The beach was really nice but we didn’t wear our bathers so we just had a walk around and admired the views on offer.17097753_10155234072759994_8991147462391634533_oWe then set out to find the waterfall park at the top of the island. After a 10 minute ride we came across the entrance and parked our bikes. The waterfall was more like a huge set of rapids but it was really beautiful.17159097_10154230498941176_8785160065743550740_oWe ran into the other couple from the beach restaurant and the guy, Mike, was flying a drone. Charlie couldn’t resist and ran over to ask him loads of questions and see how it works. Mike is actually a professional photographer back home so he and Charlie had quite a lot to talk about. After an hour meeting Mike and Becki we headed off back to Don Det to get showered and head to our favourite sunset spot.17218482_10154239051306176_6204983716199484640_oAfter another sunset beer and swim in the Mekong we headed to dinner and on the way ran into Mike and Becki. We decided to eat with them at a place they recommended. The food was nice and it was nice to get to know them more. We made plans with them to meet the next day for breakfast.

We woke up wanting to go on a kayaking tour but after realising we needed to book the night before we decided to have a chilled out day on the island. We met Mike and Becki for breakfast at the restaurant that plays friends on repeat. We caught up with them, watched friends and used the wifi to plan our next few weeks in Laos. That evening we all headed to Sunset Bungalows for a drink and a swim where we met a cute little girl called May. She took a real liking to Charlie so the two of them waved and laughed at boats going past, whilst dancing to Katy Perry.17239635_10155252173549994_8188252633632789874_oMike and Becki came to meet us so afterwards we headed out again to grab some dinner together. After dinner we booked onto the kayaking tour for the next day and book our onward travel for the day after.

The kayaking tour started at Green Paradise for breakfast which was included in the tour. We filled up on Pad Thai style noodles and scrambled eggs before climbing down to the Mekong and getting into our Kayaks. We kayaked down stream for about 45 minutes before stopping at another island to go visit another waterfall.The walk there was really nice as we passed through a village where kids kept running out to say hi to us. The waterfall was really nice and much safer than the rapids (although still very powerful) so our guide got some people to go along the rocks and under the fall. Charlie went alone as I am too much of a scaredy cat sometimes but it looked like a lot of fun.17310023_10155252175544994_6300121359914295376_oWe then walked through the island to a beach area where our guide cooked us some bbq skewers and rice for lunch. We then jumped back in our kayaks and continued downstream through some grade 2 rapids which was really fun. The next part of the tour was to see the rare irrawady dolphins. We originally were told at the office there were only 7 left, however our guide believes there are only 3. We were lucky enough to see 2 of them though, albeit from a distance. We then kayaked to another island to visit another waterfall/rapids.17212048_10154239044626176_3302446458893385432_o17240691_10154239040936176_6818827410689191148_oHere we got to watch Mike fly the drone again and have drink at a restaurant before setting off one last time to Kayak back (much to my disappointment – kayaking is hard work!).

We had a fairly chilled evening after Kayaking. We headed to sunset bar with Mike and Becki, as well as another couple from Kayaking, Dan and Beth. We all enjoyed a drink and a swim before heading for an early dinner and then back to the room to packed our bags. We really enjoyed out time in Don Det, it was the perfect combination of relaxing and exploring.

Crossing the border from Thailand to Laos

We decided to cross the border to Laos ourselves rather than getting a combined transfer ticket from Bangkok. It worked out much cheaper and meant that we then weren’t stuck on a bus the whole journey which would be more comfortable. We arrived at Bangkok’s main train station at 7.30pm and purchased our tickets for the overnight train to Ubon Ratchathani. The train was on time and when we boarded we knew we had made the right decision. The train was immaculately clean and unlike buses quite spacious. The journey was great, someone comes round and makes your bed with fresh, clean sheets and then you can just close your curtain and go to sleep. The ride was much smoother than a bus so we both managed to get a decent amount of sleep.

Once at the station we got a tuk tuk to the main bus stop in Ubon Ratchathani and purchesed our international bus ticket to Pakse and even had time for one last Thai meal. The bus was much less comfortable but not too bad as we both caught up on some more sleep. We arrived at the border and were given no instructions on what we were to do. We went into a building where we were stamped out of Thailand and then had to walk 2 kilometres in what we liked to call ‘no mans land’ before we reached the Laos immigration building. Here we had a little bit of trouble as the guy behind the desk didn’t think our American $100 note was nice enough, he said it was dirty and we couldn’t use it. Frustrated as it was only slightly off coloured we were told to get money out of the ATM and pay in Laos Kip. The ATM wasn’t working and he wasn’t going to accept our money so we walked to the two currency exchanges at the border and luckily the second one took our money. When we arrived back at the desk to pay in Kip the man then gave us the worst exchange rate possible and we are pretty sure he just made it up. We had no choice but to accept it though as we were already stamped out of Thailand and wouldn’t be allowed in Laos without agreeing. We ended up paying an extra $8 each for the visa. Our bus had told us we only had 20 minutes to complete to exit and entry process but luckily they were still waiting for us almost 40 minutes later.

Our bus continued to Pakse at a snails pace and we arrived much later than expected. We had originally planned to head straight to Don Det in the 4000 islands that day but had missed all transport options. We found ourselves a nice room where we could rest and watch some Game of Thrones on the laptop. We booked our bus to Don Det for the next morning and had an early night.

A very long and most of the time pain free journey across the border. Excited for the next 16 days in Laos.

A not so great day trip to Kanchanaburi

We had a few days in Bangkok and had both wanted to see the bridge over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. We originally thought that we would go to Kanchanaburi for 2 nights but when we found out the transfer there was the same price as a day trip we decided we may as well stay and just visit for the day. The lady at the travel shop told us it was a great day out, we would get to see the bridge, the World War 2 museum, Death Railway and a waterfall – what could go wrong?

Firstly we were picked up at 7am and taken around the corner to Khao San Road where we waited on the side of the street for another minibus. After much confusion we were finally on our way but being the last 2 people to be confirmed in that particular minibus we were squashed in the back grown with no leg space for the 2.5 hour drive… Brilliant.

On arrival to Kanchanaburi our guide gave us no information about the bridge or the museum but did tell us we only had 45 minutes to see both of them. We quickly walked to the bridge where we were disappointed in the lack of information about it, we kind of expected there would be at least a sign explaining the history.17212067_10154221713016176_7579590424240143486_oAfter this we went to the JEATH World War 2 museum, paid an entry fee and hoped there would be a bit more information in there. Sadly this wasn’t the case and half of the ‘artifacts’ weren’t even from that era. They also had these really weird ‘life like’ statues of famous people throughout certain historical times but they weren’t very lifelike at all and painted blue?17211922_10154221709231176_4921305040765722522_o17192388_10154221703096176_6016691918378430715_oAfter the museum we headed to Death Railway. We paid to get on the train to ride the Hellfire Pass where thousands of people died during the build of this particular train pass. The train was nice but we really didn’t get to see it as we were on top of it, on the train, which was overcrowded and so you couldn’t really look out the windows. After we passed the famous part of the railway the train became less crowded and we got to enjoy the ride a lot more.17192277_10154224593666176_4658482735755938793_oOur guide told us that we would get off at the final stop and head to lunch, only we never made it to the final stop. The train came to a halt and didn’t move for a while. When we looked out the window to see what was happening we realised that a huge tree had fallen across the tracks and we weren’t going to make it to the last stop. Luckily we weren’t too far from the road so our guide called our minibus to come meet us. We all climbed off the train and made our way through the woods to the road.17157504_10154221725941176_2276173778328572310_oWe arrived at lunch which was on the river, the food was average but the view was really lovely and we thought the second half of our day was surely to improve. WRONG! Our guide came around and told us we would head to the waterfall for an hour of free time, we were pretty excited as we had our bathers on and were ready to cool off in some fresh cold water. Except then our guide continued to tell us that due to dry season the waterfall is completely dry. We couldn’t believe our luck. I asked why we were even going and she told us that we are going because it is on the programme. We were both pretty angry at this stage as we really felt like we had been lied to by the lady in the office who showed us photos of a beautiful tall flowing waterfall. We went and walked around the dry cliff that was the ‘waterfall’ before going to 7/11 for ice creams and sitting in the gutter for 20 minutes.17097989_10154221722251176_7754513302340652716_oLast on the agenda for our super fabulous tour was the War Cemetery. We both find cemeteries quite interesting so we were looking forward to having a walk around and reading the head stones. When we arrived we were told we would only have 20 minutes here which was not enough time to visit all areas. It was really nice there though and they obviously are putting a lot of work into keeping looking so good.17239988_10154224594461176_2112190672783779981_oDisappointed in the organisation of the tour yet again, at this stage in the day we could only laugh about it. We got back in the minibus and settled into our tiny squashed seats for the 2.5 hour journey back to Bangkok.