A slightly spontaneous Christmas in Perth

Perth was not originally on our agenda, however, after an offer too good to refuse from Aaron and Kira (who ended up generously paying for our flights for Christmas) we were on our way. Aaron and Kira also planned for this to be a surprise Christmas present for Mum and Chris,who were also going to be visits themĀ in Perth, until Aaron accidently told them. We were just glad it was him and not us considering he had paid for it.

We arrived into Perth on Christmas Eve at 3.30pm. After purchasing a couple bottles of gin in duty free we were greeted outside by Aaron, Kira and the boys. It was so great to see them all again and we were excited for our first Christmas together in 4 years! Christmas Eve was nice and chilled out. Catching up over home made pizzas and a couple of gins.

Christmas Day The boys came in and woke us up around 7.30am. We opened presents and considering Charlie and I purchased the boys Christmas presents in third world countries, I think we did pretty well. The boys particularly liked their ninja turtle masks.img_1719After homemade bagels for breakfast (thanks Kira) we headed straight to the beach! This was when Charlie got a taste of what a summer Christmas is like. He said it felt like a joke or novelty seeing people on the beach in Santa hats as it should be cold at Christmas.img_1859Mum and Chris arrived at 3pm, followed by Steve, Emma and Alice. We all caught up over some drinks and a huge spread of homemade dips, homemade bread and cheese (thanks again Kira). Kira is pretty spectacular in the kitchen and often makes things from scratch, so we were definitely going to be fed well during our stay here.

Boxing Day we had a fairly slow start and rest around the house. In the afternoon we headed to King’s Park to have a left overs picnic with some of Aaron and Kira’s friends. It was really nice and had great views of the city.img_1860img_186127 Dec:
Today we had a great day out at Fremantle where we went to my favourite place for lunch… Little Creatures Brewhouse. We started the day getting a coffee at a cafe before heading to a museum and then onto lunch. Little Creatures Brewery is at a beautiful spot on the water. Charlie and I shared nachos and chilli muscles and the muscles were amazing.

28 Dec:
We had early start of 5.45am and a 2 and a half hour drive to get to Busselton Jetty where we would be diving the pier. The pier is a 1.8km walk to the pier ledge where you dive from so we hired trolleys from the dive shop to take our gear down. The dive was nice, there were quite a few schools of puffer fish, a cuttlefish and more marine life to look at. It wasn’t the best dive but it was nice to get in the water again and for Charlie to get a taste for diving in Australia.img_1789img_186529 Dec:
We had a 30 minute drive before we reached a beach in Yanchep that had a lagoon made from the reef. It was a bit chilly for us so we stayed on the sand and drank coffee while Aaron and the boys went for a swim. Afterwards we headed to Yanchep National Park for a BBQ where Charlie got to see his first Koala and a Kangaroo with a Joey!img_1862img_1863Dec 30:
Today we headed to Perth city to explore the CBD, have lunch and a couple of drinks. We walked around Elizabeth Quay before doing a bit of shopping and building up a thirst. We went to the Petition where there were a large amount of craft beer on tap to taste. Afterwards we headed to a place called Grillzilla for lunch which is known for its grilled cheese sandwiches which were pretty delicious. That evening we went to Steve and Emma’s for dinner with Mum and Chris. Steve and Emma put on an amazing spread and had some Australian things for Charlie to try including a few different types of crisps, kangaroo meat and fantails and cherry ripe for dessert.img_1866img_1864Dec 31 – NYE
We had a pretty chilled out day saving our energy for our night out. We went and purchased a new hard drive and some different beers for Charlie to try. We ordered kebabs for dinner as Charlie has been craving doner meat for some time. Australia does it slightly different to the U.K. though so I’m not sure it completely hit the spot. After dinner Aaron and Kira’s friends started coming around for pre drinks before we headed to a local place called the Pirate Bar where we brought in the New Year.

Jan 1:
A few sore heads (particularly Charlie’s) it was a difficult start to the day however we were heading to Feral Brewery for lunch which had a beautiful setting. Lunch was really nice and we got to see Emma, Steve and Alice again. The kids all had ice cream cones which was really funny to watch them eat as the weather was so hot they were melting faster than they could eat them. Afterwards we headed to a chocolate factory for some chocolate tasting and coffee. Afterwards we had to say goodbye to Mum and Chris as they left for Melbourne. It was so nice to have a whole week with them over Christmas though.2 Jan:
Charlie and I had a chilled day today which was really nice. We watched movies, backed up our photos and just relaxed in the lounge. Aaron, Kira and the kids had been out all day so when they came home I cooked dinner and we chilled out together.img_1874img_1774Jan 3:
Being a super hot day we decided to take the kids to an air conditioned play centre to escape the heat. The kids loved it and to be honest so did we when we were in there too! We spent the day there while the kids played before heading home as I was cooking massaman curry for dinner.

Jan 4:
Today was another hot day. We decided to have another chilled one and head to the shopping centre nearby as Charlie was after a new day pack. That evening we looked after the boys so Aaron and Kira could go out. It was really nice and our evening was as chilled out as our day.

Jan 5:
Kira was off work and the boys didn’t have day care so we all packed up a picnic and headed to Penguin Island. We arrived and had our picnic before going for a walk around the island. We even saw some baby penguins! That evening we caught up with my friend Heather who I haven’t seen since she moved to Perth before I moved to the UK so that was lovely. We had fish and chips at a beach restaurant called Clancy’s which was really nice! Charlie also experienced his first Australian sunburn today after mistaking moisturiser for sunblock. It wasn’t too bad though and as he said – it’s not every day you see penguins and get sunburnt.img_1801img_1867Jan 6:
We used Aaron and Kira’s car to make the 30 minute drive out of Perth to Bell’s Rapids. The area was really cool and felt rural considering we were not that far out of Perth. Sadly due to the heat the rapids were very low but it was still nice to walk around and take a few photos. We then went and picked the boys up from day care which was so nice as they were so excited to see us! We we on baby sitting duties again tonight so we took them to the park for an hour before heading home.img_1813Jan 7:
We had planned to get up early to go to a farmers market today however it was closed so we headed out for brunch instead. It was a pretty exciting day as Emma and Steve had not long welcomed another baby into the world and we got to go to the hospital to visit. Baby Skye was so tiny and cute and it was so sweet watching the boys with her. Aaron and Kira had got their friends to baby sit for the boys tonight so we could head out together. The four of us went to Lucky Chan’s in North Bridgr for dinner which was amazing. We then headed to a gin bar called Frisk before getting kebabs and heading home.

Sun 8:
Today I (Lisa) woke up with a sore throats and ear so we decided to have a chilled out day. We had the boys again tonight so we headed to the supermarket to grab some bits so Charlie could make spicy sausage for dinner. Aaron and Kira were home fairly early so we watched a movie with them once they got home.

Jan 9:
Another nice chilled out day for us! I (Lisa) headed to the shops to pick up a few last minute bits I needed to replace in my backpack. Later we headed to get some replacement toiletries but other than that we just chilled out in the lounge again. That evening Kira put on another amazing spread which we enjoyed on the beach during sunset. Afterwards we watched a movie with Aaron and Kira before heading to bed.

Jan 10:
Our morning consisted of packing up our bags ready for our flight in the afternoon. It was a bittersweet feeling as we were excited to head back to Asia but it had been so nice to spend time with everyone in Perth! Kira made homemade bagels again which were amazing as well as cookies. We got some packed cookies for our journey which didn’t even make it past our first flight! The boys were really funny too as they had snuck cookies and had been caught eating them under the dining room table. Sad to say goodbye to them but we will hopefully be back to Perth to visit again soon!img_1873