Hello Vietnam! First stop – Hanoi

We arrived to Hanoi and checked into our hotel in the old quarter. It was quite late and I had just realised I had left my phone at the airport in Laos so we figured we would go out for a beer to distract me. We found a nice bar near the hotel and had our first Vietnamese beer before heading back to our room for the night.

The next morning we got up and decided to head out and explore the city. We walked around the old quarter which was really interesting. We loved the run down buildings and looking up on top of shops to see where some people lived.17493168_10154263642151176_3016506850198779066_oIt was a mix of taking in the sights around us whilst trying not to be run over by a motorbike.We continued onwards to the lake which was quite nice but it got a lot more developed around there.17434846_10154263642886176_8101294152748103373_oWe then found a nice bar with a balcony where we could have a drink and watch the chaos on the street.17310275_10154258543781176_661808297972721028_oWe then set out to find some local food and came across a busy Bun Cha place. You don’t get an option for food, you just get served what they make but we were so pleased this was the case when our food arrived! It tasted incredible.17389012_10154258543766176_7774709235717657302_oWe headed back to our hotel for a rest and to get showered before heading out for a drink. We headed to a popular place called beer street or BIA street. It is basically a street of bars that put plastic chairs out on the side of the road for people to sit and drink on. It was ok but kind of uncomfortable but while we were there we heard the sound of police sirens and all the bars started running out and clearing all the chairs whilst moving everyone inside. Once the police drove past the chairs were all back out almost seconds later. We then headed back towards our place for dinner and settled with the bar we had visited the night before. The food was pretty average but it was hard to compete with after our amazing Bun Cha today.

Our last full day in Hanoi was spent much the same as the day before except we headed to a different area to explore.17493258_10154263642401176_2876860254290988086_oWe walked around past the lake and into the French quarter which was really interesting. In the Old Quarter the roads are really busy, its a mix of old run down buildings, new buildings and has the classic South East Asian power lines all over the place.17492932_10154263642881176_3074561509158009283_oIn the French Quarter the buildings were very clean, the roads were quite and there was only one power line going down the street. It felt like you weren’t even in Asia anymore.17311214_10154263642296176_2317129180940246078_oWe hadn’t stopped talking about how good the Bun Cha we ate the day before was and whilst we wanted to try another place we couldn’t find a place that looked like it could beat it so we headed back there for another amazing meal. We took our full bellies back to our hotel so we could get our travel booked to Sapa for the next morning. We had a pretty low key evening of packing and relaxing as our bus was booked for 6.30am the next morning.